YA Must Reads For Every Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw’s are known as the brains of Hogwarts but that is not all that they are. Yes, Ravenclaw House prize learning, wisdom, wit and intellect in it’s members, leading to many Ravenclaw’s being academically motivated and talented students, but they also prize’s individuality, quirkiness and having pride in oneself and their original ideas. It is not unusual […]

Bookish Pickup Lines Perfect For All YA Lovers

HAVE A CRUSH ON A YA BOOK LOVER? WHY NOT TRY OUT SOME OF THESE BOOK-TASTIC PICK UP LINES! (P.S I am not the owner of all of these pictures. I shall, of course, credit everything that isn’t mine.) The Maze Runner | Legend | Cinder | Shadow and Bone (by Doodling in the Margins) […]

Top Ten Tuesday: YA Must Reads For Every Slytherin

After having such a blast doing the Harry Potter Book Tag the other day, I have decided to start a little HP inspired series of posts over here on Book Enthral and it just so happens that this weeks Top Ten Tuesday ties in perfectly with the first YA Must Reads For Every [insert Hogwarts House]! So […]

Harry Potter Book Tag // I Put A Spell On You

Guys, usually I’m beyond terrible at doing book tags but when Trang and Lashaan from Bookidote created a book tag based off Harry Potter spells I was like SIGN ME UP! I mean I get to talk about one of my all time favourite things, so yes of course I’m down! I think the only […]

Why I’ve Stopped Caring About ARCs

I think everyone in the book social media world, whether that be blogging, twitter, Instagram or goodreads can agree the ARCs are a hot commodity. To be one of the select few who receive one feels like you’ve been dubbed an elite in our little internet community. And on the flip side to be one […]

Mini Reviews: Drowning In A Sea Of Mediocre Books

I decided at the start of this year I was going to do majority of my reviews as mini review wrap up type posts – oh you haven’t seen me do one yet? That may be because this is my first! Welcome to the party! Sit down. Buckle up. This is going to be a long post. Clockwork […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books That Deserve All The Love

If you follow my blog on a regurlar basis you are probably aware of my favourite books. I do rave about them every chance I get! But there are quite a number of books I really really loved but don’t really talk about as much, good thing this weeks TTT is celebrating the books we […]