November Releases I’m Excited For

I  actually don’t have that many books I’m super excited for this month! Which is good news for my bank account! I think because Christmas is coming up majority of the really anticipated new releases were released in September and October! Speaking of Christmas, I think it’s time I start compiling a list of books […]

October Releases I’m Excited For

I actually don’t have that many books I’m excited for this month – good news for my wallet! And I have some of this books preordered!! But serisouly Illuminae comes out this month!!!!! CANT WAIT!! 1st of October The Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup – A girl who’s life and her family’s life is centred […]

September Releases I’m Excited For

With all the books that are coming out in September that I’m excited about it might as well be Christmas!! I have sworn that I’m not going to be buying any books this months, apart from the ones which are already preordered. But coming October 1st I’m going on a book buying spree haha! 1st […]

August Releases I’m Excited For

August 4th Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsiad – about two best friends who as freshman made a list of high school cliches they swore never to do, but as seniors are about to start breaking all of their rules. I haven’t actually heard that much praise for this book but I’m still really keen to […]