I’m-Such-An-Adult Book Haul

Guys, you ever go a month being so good with you book buying and then you’re like shit… someone better give me an Adulting award because I deserve one! That was my month!! Hallelujah! Bring me my award! (and a throne, a crown and $10,000,000 while you’re at it). After last months book buying catastrophe […]

Book Haul: Jan 2016 // Cover-love! *drools*

So I wanna say I was good this month! I didn’t spend outrageously, yet I still managed to get a good number of books! Do you think we could actually count this as a… Success?????!!! After finishing Shatter Me earlier this month, I had to go see how the rest of the series was going to […]

The Christmas-Goodies Book Haul

The year literally finishes tomorrow… Someone shoot me I am not ready. (I think a variation of that sentence has been the start of every single post for the last week.) I’m just here today to do a little thing I like to call, showing off my Christmas presents.  Cause I know you’re all so […]

The My-Wallet-Is-So-Proud-Of-Me Book Haul

Okay guys, I HAVE FINALLY DONE IT! I have finally gone a month without buying excessive amounts of books!!!! I’m so proud of myself! But let’s be real, the reason I haven’t been able to buy that many books is because of all the Christmas pressies I have to save up for! Also I finally […]

The I’m-Supposed-To-Be-On-A-Book-Buying-Ban Book Haul

Guy’s we need to get me one of those shocker collars they (cruelly) put on dogs and rig it to go of every time I enter a book store!!! I last 10 days into September before following my friend into the book store!!! 10 days that’s it – pretty pathetic. The only books that we’re meant to be […]

Book Haul: August 2015

So I was bad this month…. So I’m making an announcement!!! I. Am. Not. Buying. Books. In. September.!!!!! One whole month without spending all my spare change on books! I will still have a couple of books come in, but they will all be preordered books I’ve already paid for (like Queen of Shadow!!!!) but […]

Book Haul: July 2015

Can I just start by saying I started out this month so, so, well… and then it kind of went down hill. Until the 23rd I’d only brought 6 books this books this month (and I was so happy with myself) and then two things happened, the first was Ashley from Dear World introduced me to the […]