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Sooo hello all – my name is Amy Couttas, I’m 18 years old first year psych024ology student, who spends more time wondering the city eating at indie cafes, day drinking at awesome bars, and being jealous of all the talent the Melbourne street artists have then actually in class. But don’t fret, I get my work done – last minute and with a whole heap of stress that could have been avoided, but hey it gets done. When I’m not procrastinating at uni I’m procrastinating at home. I really do succeed in procrastinating it’s like the only personality trait I have that’s always consistent.

Books are probably my number one time waster. I could need to have a life altering surgery and I’d put it off just to finish a book – it’s a real problem they should have like BA (Books Anonymous). I probably wouldn’t attend though, I’m kind of in a love affair with books and I’m not interested stopping my addiction.

So the reason behind this blog… I have two great sisters, my older sister – bossy as all hell, which is guaranteed to almfor all abotu meost always end in a fight, but she only does it because she cares about me, wants me to succeed and live my life happy and free. And my twin sister, where not carbon copies of each other, not in looks or personality yet Girls’ the perfect ying to my yang, salt to my pepper, Caroline to my Max (If you get that you and I’ll get along great). But both of them can’t keep up with all my OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK STRAIGHT AWAY!s so I figured I just start telling randoms on the internet to read these great books. So voilà! Book Enthral was born!


  • Ummm… I will probably never post a review with a less than 3 star rating because honestly I just would never finish the book if I don’t like it that much. So that will most likely never happen.
  • Ahh…I am in a deep love affair with gifs. I’m sorry I know to somepeople they are the most annoying thing possible but I just cant help it we’re in love
  • Err… no guarantee my spelling and gramma are always going to be on point. This is just a little anecdote to demonstrate:

So after I just posted my first ever review, as I was lying in bed trying to sleep my phone da-dinged. Fully expecting it to be one of my friends, thinking I wouldn’t mind answering a text after 1:30 in the morning I rolled my eyes and went to put my phone on silent, only to see a notification from gmail saying ‘[Book Enthral] blahblahblah liked your post “Firebolt (The Dragonia Series #1) Adrienna Woods”’.  Now I’m not going to lie, I got bloody excited, like extremely excited and on a side note blahblahblah I totally know who you are, you and I are Girls for life now, you need a kidney? I have a kidney. So being the vain, excited chick I am I opened up my blog, thought ‘this is so cool Amy you made this’ and went and re-read my “(not so) brilliant master piece”.

Now I’ll be the first one to admit I’m no master writer – just ask my high school english teachers, I was the definition of a little shit towards them and that class. I knew upon deciding to make this blog, majority of posts would contain spelling and gramma mistakes, but after reading back my “(not so) brilliant master piece” I literally couldn’t stop cringing at all the mistakes I’d accidentally let slip through. Like, honestly in the second line of my review – the second line – I’d written ‘have a convocation with…’ WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS A CONVOCATION [**just googled, it’s a large formal assembly of people**] and it just went downhill from there, with spelling mistakes and missing comas and ohmigod I just couldn’t deal. I, of course went and straight away re edited the post. Like, there were entire words missing at some points, and people who didn’t know me were purely judging me on this crappy writing.

SO there I’m just letting you all know that all through I want to make every post I’m going to post fault free, I’m just a person who can barely speak the English language without stumbling over my words let alone write perfectly worded posts. When it happens in the future, remember I may be barely average at writing but I’m a pretty awesome person so you should just forgive me. Thanks chickens.

Always feel free to comment on any post. Trust me I’ll get irrational excited that you cared to even write a comment – you wanna bring crazy amounts of happiness into my life with minimal effort I guarantee you that’s what’ll do it. Like, I’d be excited even if you said ‘that shit was ratchet’. I really would. Debate with me about ratings, it’ll be a blast!


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  1. Hiya Amy, I popped over from Girl in the Pages blog because I saw you name mentioned and I’m so glad I did! It’s so rare to find a fellow psychology student that is also obsessed with books around these here parts, so howdy partner. 🙂 I guess maybe it’s rare for science-y people to also have the same love for fiction, I don’t know. Either way, I think they’re missing out!

    I would also say, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT SPELLING OR GRAMMAR MISTAKES. I had the exact same worries about my writing when I first started blogging and actually, my about page reads very similarly to yours in that respect. I’ve made so many typos I’ve lost count but as yet no one seems to have judged me for it thank god. To me, the fact that you are so open about that makes you all the more likable!

    Looking forwarding to having a look around your blog. 🙂

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  2. Hi Amy! Just wanted to stop by to thank you for following and commenting on my blog—it brought me to yours, and I’m so glad I found it because it’s a great blog. 😀 Looking forward to more of your posts and the gifs you love to use! XD

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  3. Amy. You are just adorable. Ha. Seriously, if you were to be living in Malaysia, I’d drag you out ALL THE TIME.

    Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts tagged me in a book tag and here I am, looking at your blog because he tagged you as well!

    You seem like a really fun and bubbly person, and the world needs more people like you. And did I mention that you like books as well? Insta-bookish friend request, please.


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