Top Ten Tuesday // Fantasy Lands I Wished Existed! (& Book Maps!)

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Top Ten Tuesday for this week is Books Set Outside The US but considering I’m like 80% sure that all my books are either set in the US or are fictional I thought I’d tweak it a little!! So here we go… Flipping Awesome Fantasy Worlds That If Real I’d Say Bye-Bye To AUS In A Heartbeat! (+ Book Maps! Yay!)

Now I will admit a lot of these worlds are going through quiet a lot of strife – wars, death-to magic wielders, dictatorship kings, poverty, man eating monsters, and like 30 other not so super living conditions BUT I would choose to live there any day of the real world. Magic my friends. Magic is my dream!

First up we have the awesome Thaisia from The Others series by Anne Bishop. Although this world has the lamest book map ever the world is amazing, full of colour and imagination. You are both fearful and intrigued by Namid’s ‘terrible and wonderful creatures’.


Next up has the second worst book map, and that is Scion London from The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon. This world is so effed up in terms of a dangerous place to live, but I would totally risk it for the chance to be a clairvoyant and meet my own sexy Rephaite!


My third dream land is The Seven Realms from the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima! Imagine it… seven lands each with their own political and cultural structure and beliefs in magic, but if you’re lucky you get to live in The Queendom of Fells and use magic like the kick ass herione you are!13694115_639779912840786_2058932224_o

I may trade my left foot to live in Primoria from The Ice Like Fire series by Sarah Raasch. In this awesome world people reflect the area they come from, someone from winter has snow white hair and ice blue eyes, someone from autumn has brown hair, hazel eyes and warm skin. AS IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT!??!!  I fell more and more in love with this world as I read the book! (And PS How beautiful is the book map!!)


The beautiful world of the Kupari Peninsula from The Impostor Queen series by Sarah Fine, is home to one of the most in depth and intricate magic systems I’ve ever read. I wont lie I was so damn confused but once it all clicks into place you can’t help but be like WHERE THE HELL IS MY MAGICAL PORTAL TO ANOTHER DIMENSION SO I CAN LIVE HERE WITH THEM!


The Sunlands from The Young Elites series by Marie Lu have one of my dream squads The Rose Society! So yes!!! If I could live in any fictional world this one would be way up there! I want to be a malfetto!


The magical land of Ravka from the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo is so awesome I dare you to not want to live there! Plus this map deserves medals!


Now I’ve saved my favourite two book worlds for last! No surprise their creations of the amazing Sarah J Maas’s mind! First up is Erilea from the Throne of Glass series by SJM! Erilea has it’s fare share of problems but after Queen of Shadows I think things are finally going to be looking up for this amazing world now! If I could please be dropped off right at the big fight scene in the castle in book 4 I’d live the rest of my life a happy chappy!


And lastly… maybe my favourite book world ever… Prythian from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by SJM! This world is created in so much detail, colour and imagination I can never get enough of it! I’m infatuated with these books and I would live there in a heart beat!


There you go! All the fictional book worlds I would love to live in! What fictional worlds do you wish you could visit? Any of your favourites on this list? Let me know below 🙂





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  1. I love your twist on this week’s theme!! The first map that comes to mind is definitely that of Middle-Earth. Oh, how I would love to live in the Shire or Rivendell! ❤ Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh so gorgeous. I never ever really look at book maps after the first glance, but I read ebooks generally and never got the chance to appreciate them like this. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos! ❤


  3. Look at all those beautiful maps!! ❤ I love it when a fantasy book features a map. It makes it so much easier to navigate the world. Ravka, take me there. I would seriously love to transport myself to that realm, especially if it means I can meet up with Inej and Kaz and the rest of the crew haha.


  4. Zoe

    YES TO ALL OF THESE! It would be so cool if real-life Primoria, Ravka and the Sunlands existed! Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


  5. Aaaah all these maps (well except the first two – whyyyyy) are so pretty! I have only read two of these (and sadly I didn’t really enjoy them so I wouldn’t want to go to their worlds) but I really want to read all the others!


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