Mini Reviews: Drowning In A Sea Of Mediocre Books

I decided at the start of this year I was going to do majority of my reviews as mini review wrap up type posts – oh you haven’t seen me do one yet? That may be because this is my first! Welcome to the party!

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Sit down. Buckle up. This is going to be a long post.

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Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Casscandra Clare // The Hype Is Making It Hard To Just Enjoy The Book

3.55 stars

In a time when Shadowhunters are barely winning the fight against the forces of darkness, one battle will change the course of history forever. Welcome to the Infernal Devices trilogy, a stunning and dangerous prequel to the New York Timesbestselling Mortal Instruments series.

The year is 1878. Tessa Gray descends into London’s dark supernatural underworld in search of her missing brother. She soon discovers that her only allies are the demon-slaying Shadowhunters—including Will and Jem, the mysterious boys she is attracted to. Soon they find themselves up against the Pandemonium Club, a secret organization of vampires, demons, warlocks, and humans. Equipped with a magical army of unstoppable clockwork creatures, the Club is out to rule the British Empire, and only Tessa and her allies can stop them…

Considering I read this like 2 months ago, I’m going to be honest that my memory is kind of sketchy of my reaction towards it. I remember really loving the world and the characters. They both have such depth to them that I can totally understand why Cassandra Clare has such a mega following. The reason I had to give this book 3.5 stars is because the hype has built it up so exponentially in my head that the real thing kind of fell flat. And guys… I didn’t fall in love with Will?! I was promised head over heals infatuation with Will and it didn’t happen! I am excited to finish this series though!!

25005214 (1)

Queen Song (Red Queen #0.1) by Victoria Aveyard // Boring But An Interesting Ending!

2.5 stars

Queen Coriane, first wife of King Tiberias, keeps a secret diary—how else can she ensure that no one at the palace will use her thoughts against her? Coriane recounts her heady courtship with the crown prince, the birth of a new prince, Cal, and the potentially deadly challenges that lay ahead for her in royal life.

Guys, why does this book exist? I had to physically drag myself through this book. So boring!!! I am such a huge fan of Red Queen but my distaste for this novella and the next one is crazy!! This book was hella unnecessary! It only got interesting in the like last 10 pages, other then that I was like please stop.

25362018 Steel Scars (Red Queen #0.2) by Victoria Aveyard // Nope. NOOO. No. NADA.

.5 stars

Farley was raised to be strong, but being tasked with planting the seeds of rebellion in Norta is a tougher job than expected. As she travels the land recruiting black market traders, smugglers, and extremists for her first attempt at an attack on the capital, she stumbles upon a connection that may prove to be the key to the entire operation—Mare Barrow.

These two novella where the worst things ever but this one took the cake. I dont even really count it as read, after a while I gave up on it and read like a paragraph hear and there until I finished it. My recommendation to anyone starting the Red Queen series, don’t bother with the novellas.


15753977 (1)Legend (Legend #1) by Marie Lu // Fun, Fast Dystopia But Geared Towards A Younger Audience


From different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths…

Until June’s brother is murdered, and Day becomes the prime suspect.

In a shocking turn of events, the two uncover what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths to which their country will go to keep its secrets.

Legend had the unfortunate chance of being read at the same time as The Young Elites, which when I was comparing them Legend just didn’t measure up in my eyes. It’s like 1298258740 other dystopias out there, which isn’t saying it’s bad, just not original. The two main characters both felt really really young, I know they’re meant to be 15, but to me it felt like they were really immature and maybe not as complex as I would have liked. I do have the rest of the series on loan from a friend so I really really need to hurry up and read the rest of the series!

13623150 (2)Destroy Me (Shatter Me #1.5) by Tahereh Mafi // Warner Is A Level 10 Creepier

3.55 stars

Back at the base and recovering from his near-fatal wound, Warner must do everything in his power to keep his soldiers in check and suppress any mention of a rebellion in the sector. Still as obsessed with Juliette as ever, his first priority is to find her, bring her back, and dispose of Adam and Kenji, the two traitors who helped her escape. But when Warner’s father, The Supreme Commander of The Reestablishment, arrives to correct his son’s mistakes, it’s clear that he has much different plans for Juliette. Plans Warner simply cannot allow.

Set after Shatter Me and before its forthcoming sequel, Unravel Me, Destroy Me is a novella told from the perspective of Warner, the ruthless leader of Sector 45.

This was meant to be the novella that made me fall in love with Warner instead it cemented my belief that he is the most creepiest human ever and shall remain creepy for life! I did really enjoy reading the story from his perspective though! I could have done without the Julliette obsession, but apparently that isnn’t going away so I better stick it out! I am mega keen to continue on with this series! I’m still eager to find out what all the fuss is about!

23688792 (2)These Vicious Masks (These Vicious Masks #1) by Tarun Shankers & Kelly Zekas // I was promised X-Men and Jane Austin – LIES

2 stars

Jane Austen meets X-­Men in this gripping and adventure-­filled paranormal romance set in Victorian London.

England, 1882. Evelyn is bored with society and its expectations. So when her beloved sister, Rose, mysteriously vanishes, she ignores her parents and travels to London to find her, accompanied by the dashing Mr. Kent. But they’re not the only ones looking for Rose. The reclusive, young gentleman Sebastian Braddock is also searching for her, claiming that both sisters have special healing powers. Evelyn is convinced that Sebastian must be mad, until she discovers that his strange tales of extraordinary people are true—and that her sister is in graver danger than she feared.

If you’re heard excited ramblings about this book it’s 10,000% because it was advertised as a Jane Austin, X-Men mash up… well I’m here to say, it’s really not! It falls way, way short on being anything like X-Men, it comes closer to like any dystopia where teens get super powers and are on the run from a government type company. At the start of the book I was loving Evelyn, she starts off so sass and awesome but that quickly drops off and we’re left with a maiden in distress, and god it was annoying!!! I  also really didn’t like the love triangle! We all know on the rare occasion a love triangle can be pulled off brilliantly, this wasn’t one of those occasions. Plus, I ship her with the guy I know she isn’t going to end up with so whats the point really?????? The ending did give me hope for the sequel to be much more X-Men like so I shall be continuing on with this series!

So thats that! What do you all think of these books? I’m sure there’s a couple of you out there that have read pretty much all of them haha! Let me know 🙂






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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

23 Responses

  1. I think we can all agree for Cruel Crown and These Vicious Masks LOL Legend I liked it hihi 😀 But the other ones I havent read it yet. I LOVE HOW YOU DID THIS POST !! LOL You have amazing titles and that DEMI LOVATO GIF ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You didn`t fall in love with Will!! I`m really sad that you felt this way, I hope the other two books will change your mind *fingers crossed*!! 🙂 I also felt the same about Legend, there wasn`t anything special about it and recently I read the second book and it was better than the first book.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Molly's Book Nook

    I loved Legend BUT I read it before The Young Elites came out. I could see me comparing it to The Young Elites because TYE IS SO GOOOOOOD. As for Clockwork Angel, I gave up halfway through the last book. THE LAST BOOK. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It’s The Mortal Instruments recycled and I didn’t like Will either!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Molly's Book Nook

        Ah, then maybe you’ll find it a bit more enjoyable? I mean, outside of the comparisons, I also just didn’t like the characters. Or the writing. I actually put it down months ago because there was literally 2 paragraphs about her dress & what it was doing during a fight. A FIGHT. I don’t give a crap that her dress got dirty – I rolled my eyes, put it down and haven’t looked back since lol xD

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  4. Nooo These Vicious Masks doesn’t seem to be anything like what I was hoping, judging from your review. WHYYY X-Men and Jane Austen would’ve been so cool omg. Sigh.
    When I first read Legend, I really enjoyed it, though since it’s been several years since I read it, I think my opinion might’ve changed now? Better suited for a younger audience, I guess,
    I’m mildly obsessed with anything Cassandra Clare so I have to say I’m kind of sad to hear Clockwork Angel wasn’t the best for you. 😛 I do hope you enjoy the rest of the series more though!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I didn’t get along well with a Clockwork Angel. The beginning seemed very promising, but it was downhill from there (for me). I don’t really understand why so many people flail over Will. He was kind of a massive jerk, ya know? I did have a soft sport for Jem though. Also, Church the cat!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t read the rest of the series, unfortunately. But, I have been considering reading her Mortal Instruments series. I remember that being insanely popular a few years ago, and I want in on THAT series 😀

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