The Shit-Someone-Needs-To-Ban-Me-From-Internet-Shopping Book Haul

So guys, I may have made a little tiny, tinshy mistake, and that would be I just brought ALL THE BOOKS! In my month in review (that’ll go up tomorrow) you’ll see how much my reading has slowed down pitifully this month, yet did that stop me buying like an entire shelf worth of books?? Nope. So now I’m dealing with my already ginormous TBR pile threatening to suffocate me in my sleep if I don’t cool it on the book buying! I have SOOOO many books I want to preorder for May so I think that means I’m going to work on keeping my April book haul to no more then 5 books! I think I can do it :/ (at least I’m hoping I can!!)


So without further ado!! My new babies:

I’m super excited to start some new fantasy/paranormal series with Rebel of the Sands (by Alwyn Hamilton) which everyone been raving about so… GIVE IT TO ME NOW, The Novice (by Taran Matharu) which is one of the very few books I managed to read this month! It was enjoyable although nothing overally special, you can read my thoughts here!, Reign of Shadows (by Sophie Jorden) I haven’t been hearing the most amazing stuff about this book but I’m still super pumped to get into it! And lastly The Impostor Queen (by Sarah Fine) which I have heard incredible things about – so YAYAY!! I just finished These Vicious Masks (by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas) and enjoyable nice the concept of the story is I just could not get into it at all! One series I’m beyond excited to start is Wolf By Wolf (by Ryan Graudin) I’ve had like four people tell me this has been there favourite read of 2016 so far, that it’s amazing and they love it and I’m just here like YESSSSS!!! And the last new series I’m planning on starting it none other then Lady Midnight (by Cassandra Clare). I’m not in the biggest rush to get to this monster of a book so I figured I’d let the hype die down a bit then jump right into it!

I’m also beyond excited to get into the series installments I’ve been eagerly awaiting like A Gathering of Shadows (by V.E. Schwab) I need to reread A Darker Shade of Magic before diving into this book but holly shit I am excited! Marked in Flesh (be Anne Bishop) came out now like 25ish days ago and I. STILL. HAVEN’T. READ. IT.! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! It’s like prime position on top of my ticket for next month! I was beyond excited to get my hands on Glass Sword (by Victoria Aveyard), and although I wasn’t disappointed per say, I definitely wasn’t as excited about it as I was after read Red Queen for the first time, you can read my thoughts here! I finally got my hands on The Rose Society (by Marie Lu)! After me falling head over heals in love with The Young Elites I knew I needed this sequel in my life! I’ve been planning on finishing the Infernal Devices series since I read Clockwork Angel in Janurary so I thought it was about time I got Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess (by Casscandra Clare), I’m still waiting to fall in love with Will ;).

Now the last three straggler books I have are Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (by Benjamin Alire Saenz which I mostly picked up because it was there (LOL) and I know it’s won like 3982308914 awards and everyone loves it!! I picked up The Jungle Book (by rudyard Kipling) because I’m on a bandwagon to read more classics! It will happen…eventually… maybe… hopefully! A last but not least, I picked up The Long Way To The Small Angry Planet (by Becky Chambers) because it has an amazing cover, an awesome title and a really intriguing synopsis!

So that’s it for me! Obviously I brought way to many books! What did you get this month? Have you read any of these books? Any I should start with RIGHT NOW!!???




About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. I’ve heard great things about The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and Aristotle and Dante but never read any of them! Let us know if you liked them after you read them in the future! 😁

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  2. Your book haul is pretty amazing! 😀 So many of these books I need RIGHT NOW! I was definitely a lot better this month with buying so many books, haha. I did still end up getting a few though. I’m trying so hard not to go crazy. I definitely need to get my hands on Rebel of the Sands like ASAP!

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  3. hopelessbookaddict

    Internet shopping is my great weakness. It helps that I have a mother that shakes her head at me disapprovingly whenever I get a package.
    There are so many good books here! I still haven’t read AGoS *hangs head in deep shame*

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  4. Omg so many books—I’M JEALOUS. XD Aha it is so totally hard to stay away from buying books! #bookwormproblems. I have to say I kind of adored Lady Midnight sooo needless to say, I really hope you pick it up! (psst: I’ll give you chocolate if you do. Because that is incentive right there. :P) OH and Wolf by Wolf is SOO GOOD. Read it. That is all.
    Awesome post, Amy! ❤

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