The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu // Fangirling Freakout With Trang From BookiDote!


Can I take a second to say this book has been out for 16 months and I only just read it. THAT’S 16 MONTHS WITHOUT IT’S AMAZINGNESS IN MY LIFE! I give out 5 star reviews so sparingly (most;y because I’m stingy) but also because I want any book I give 5 stars to, to automatically become one of my favourites! AND THE YOUNG ELITES HAS DONE THAT!!!


5 stars

5 stars – It was mind-blowingly awesome!!!! Holly crap!! It was PERFECTION Everyone should read it as soon as they can!

PS This review is going to be hella spoiley I suggest reading the book first!

Trang and Me did a bubby read to The Young Elites and we’re in complete agreeance of its amazingness! We both think Adelina is The Coolest Character Ever!


We’re also in complete agreeance THAT ENZO IS AMAZING AND HOT AND WE LOVE HIM FORVER AND EVER. And we were in absolute fangirl flailing over Raffaele maybe possibly being gay!


Enzo and raffaele




We both decided that Marie Lu is a fantastic author but that The Young Elites is so much better then Legend. Not to diss on Legend but I have a clear favourite!

Marir lu!


And finally we talked about HOW DAMN COOL EVERYONE’S POWERS ARE!



So that’s mine and Trang’s mutual fangirling!!! Can we all take a moment to lol at my censoring skills! The government should hire me! Hahaha! I censored for three reasons – things that were obviously HUGE spoilers, I needed the conversation to make sense for review (like I didn’t want to skip ahead) and I got rid of me and Trang talking about blogging!

I actually loved buddy reading with Trang! And doing a review in this style is SO MUCH FUN! If anyone is interested in doing a buddy read with me in the future just hit me up!

43423597Trang is a co-blogger behind Book I Dot, where she and her boyfriend, Lashaan are booknerds together and to cute for words. She can be found on Instagram, goodreads and her blog (of course).



About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. HAHAH THIS WAS SO FUN TO READ (the post AND the book too 8D ) It’s funny how re-reading our convo makes me even more excited about the book T_T Like.. I don’t ever want it to end. Marie Lu.. YOU BETTER LIVE FOREVER LOL Can’t wait to read The Rose Society with youu ! 😀 I’m sure we’ll be surprised by a lot of things :O and.. GIRLL !! A MOVIE . #fangirling right now

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The Young Elites Read-Along with Amy from Bookenthral! 😀 I thought her post was perfect haha I would not do any better so here you go guys ! My first reblog 😉 Enjoy our fangirling time ! I” be putting an official review soon ! – Trang

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  3. THIS BOOK IS PERFECTION, but goodness wait til you read The Rose Society!!! Marie Lu really hit her stride and the gang was wonderful! Your buddy reads look so much fun, did you use Good Reads? I would love to join a BR too 😀

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