Like, 2% of my Favourite Ships!

I wasn’t originally going to do a Valentine’s post but then I figured ‘Why pass up the opportunity to fangirl??’ I am a fangirl loud and proud and ship like EVERYONE! Seriously, it’s a problem! But there are a couple of couples I have been shipping for YEARS and there happiness controls my own happiness. If there sad, I’m sad, if they’re in love, I’m in love with their love – seriously it’s a vicious cycle.

All Time Favourite Book Ships

Meg & Simon – The Others by Anne Bishop – I read the first Other’s book when it was released in 2013 and b11a5fb1c819681e67bc818d3c4ff3cdI knew straight away that this couple was my EVERYTHING! If you’re like me and love your romances like a gradual slow burn into all-consuming feelings Meg and Simon are for you!! The 4th book is about to be released at the start of March and they still aren’t together! THEY HAVEN’T EVEN KISSED YET! It’s infuriating, yet I absolutely love it! They can just be in the same room as one another and you can feel the emotion!!!!!

ebaff123c9c9e84e7847c27702af1c78Hermione & Ron – Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – I remember reading HP for the first time and from like the second book just needing Hermione and Ron to be together! I sometimes imagine they’re current lives together, I’m like 10,000% sure they’re happy and still in love!



Aelin & Rowan – Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – Like #rowaelin wasn’tSlow-burning romance - Aelin Rowan going to make this list! Okay, I was loyal to Celaena and Choal to a fault until Rowan was introduced in Heir of Fire and then my loyalty kind of went walking out the door and I had a shiny new OTP that I love SO FLIPPING MUCH! I tell everyone to read this – obviously because it’s literally fucking incredible – but also because everyone needs Rowan in their life!

9d2a7e168473a4fd57eaceb576d41f0dRuby & Liam – The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken – AS IF YOU CAN READ THAT SCENE WHEN LIAM KNOWS THAT HE LOVES RUBY AND YET DOESN’T KNOW HOW AND NOT DIE OVER THIS COUPLE, I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU! These two go through SO much together but their love always stays so beautiful! Ahhhh! ALL THE FEELS!

All Time Favourite TV Ships

Rory & Jessie – Gilmore Girls – if I’m going to think about Rory and Jessie I’mbb1af81b75837191962b6ff552afca35 going to need a minute… THESE TWO ARE PERFECT! THEY’RE PERFECTION! WHY? OH WHY? WHY COULDN’T THEY END UP TOGETHER! How long ago did Gilmore Girls finish? 2007? And I probably binged the show for the first time in like year 7 so… like 2008ish and the fact they didn’t end up together STILL GETS ME! Especially now Netflix is doing the Gilmore Girls revival and the only Rory love interest signed up to come back is flipping Logan!!!!! ARGH!! (Not that I don’t like Logan, but he’s no Jessie) BRB while I go have a cry for my forever failed ship.


1367574778942126_animateJess & Nick – New Girl – I don’t care if Nick and Jess have already given it a go and it didn’t work, IT WORKS IN MY EYES AND THAT SHOULD DAMN WELL BE ENOUGH! (P.S. By law of my blog, where I make the laws, everyone has to love New Girl!)

Conner & Oliver – How to Get Away With Murder – These two aretumblr_nxqnhmyVaO1uoze2yo1_500 so perfect! They’re love for one another gives my adrenaline! Every time they have a scene together doing something amazing and coupley I have happy hormones that release!



Fiona & Jimmy – Shameless – I KNOW! I KNOW!!!! Don’t yell at me, I know these two are horrible together! And Jimmy turns igiphy (40)nto the definition of a scumbag but I CAN’T HELP IT I LOVE THEM TOGETHER AND STILL HOLD OUT HOPE THAT HE’LL COME BACK AND BE A BETTER PERSON! Wow, I feel my fellow feminist and just generally decent people out there in the world judging me, but that’s okay, I judge me for this ship! IT JUST WON’T SINK IN MY HEART THOUGH!

So that are a couple of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SHIPS, and by a couple I mean like 2% of them! I am a major shipper after all! I had a lot of fun writing this Valentine’s post! WE should talk about our ships all the time! Talking about Valentine’s related posts, at the end of 2015 I talked about all the book boyfriends who joined the ranks in 2015. Warning **Contains large amounts of flailing and fangirling**!

So tell me, who are you’re favourite ships???!! Maybe we can fangirl together!!!



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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    So I’m not a Rowlina shipper but OMG THAT PIECE OF FANART IS JUST DIVINE I LOVE IT JAFKDLFAJSDK. Ahem. I am a shipper of many maaaany things too, hehe. Shipping is fun! Fangirling is fun! SHiP AND FANGIRL OVER ALLLL THE THINGS!! Although all my ships in Harry Potter were non-canon, but ah well. ;D

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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