Why Standalone Fantasies Take The WORST Crown

I have a question for all of you lovelies out there… Do you like when a fantasy book is a standalone??


Cause I personally don’t. In fact the situation usually goes something like…

You just finished an AMAZING fantasy book! You’re fully immersed in the world! You’re shipping a totally adorable and/or a totally-doomed-never-going-to-happen-a-girl-can-dream couple and you are ready for the next book. You jump on goodreads, already consoling yourself that you’ll have to wait upwards of six months for the next book, when wait… But… Where’s the next release? WHY DOESN’T THE BOOK HAVE A SERIES LINK?!  Your stomach sinks. You jump on the authors social media. This must be a mistake! Twitter, blog, Instagram, Facebook – you check them all but no sign of a sequel anywhere. Googles you’re last chance!! ‘Blah-Blah by Yada-Yada sequel’. But nothing. You finally let the horrible thought enter your mind… This amazing fantasy is a… Standalone. There’s not going to be any more books in this world full of magic and wonder. You’re never going to see your ship in a real solid relationship. Because it’s all over for good. Never to happen again. And that’s about when you wail.

giphy (38)

See??? It’s a traumatising experience. Truly, harrowing. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but my worst worst enemies. No second rate enemies would get this punishment, I only pull out the big guns for first rate enemies. Duh, I have standards.

Since this fantasy-standalone epidemic is becoming a predominate thing, I wanted to discuss why making an epic fantasy a standalone is on the same level as if you ripped out my feels (located just below the stomach, right above the intestines – God, didn’t you do biology in school?) and playing soccer with it.

Firstly, don’t introduce me to a character I have #dreamBBFgoals with and then not give me a chance to live out my #dreamBBFgoals! If you’re not going to give me a chance to mentally become the besties friends with a character you’ve created – you better damn well make that character unlikeable. If you’re going to make me have #dreamBBFgoals with them, and then rip them away, I hope you enjoy the dark place in hell reserved for you.


(to far?? LOL!! :’D)

Also, there better not – and I repeat NOT! – be a shippable ship. If you’re not going to write an epic 2+ book spanning romance for this amazing couple, DO NOT write a couple I will stand behind waving a heart shaped flag and sing I Will Always Love You to, into you’re book. My feels shall shrivel up and die at all the possibilities of where that romance could have gone!

AND FINALLY, I will remember the world you created as if it is Pluto – an unattainable, giant blob of ice where for all we know, there could be entire species of Olaf’s. DON’T TELL ME ABOUT THIS AMAZING PLACE AND THEN TELL ME I CAN NEVER REVISTS IT! I will never understand the level of evilness it takes to do such a thing. People like you are why witches invented protection spells.

To the people who like standalone fantasies… I shall stand over here and keep my mouth shut about HOW IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT AND HOW I WISH YOUR GRANDCHIHLDREN NEVER VISIT YOU WHEN YOUR OLD LIKE I’LL NEVER GET TO REVISIT THESE AMAZING WORLDS.



This post was inspired by Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith – an incredible fantasy that also happens to be a standalone because THE BOOK GODS OBVIOUSLY HATE ME AND WANT ME TO WAIL. So I’m actually curious… Do you like standalone fantasies?? Are you like me and view them as bad as Influenza and they need to be eradicated? Have you read some really brilliant standalone fantasies?? Let me know!



About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

22 Responses

  1. Lila

    i’m so confused why everyone loves standalone fantasies. when everyone heard an ember in the ashes was set to be a standalone, they freaked out with joy. then they got all angry when they heard it had been extended. people also freaked out when they heard soundless by richelle mead was to be a standalone fantasy. idk why. why would you not want more of a good book? also, with epic fantasies, i feel like just one book doesn’t give you enough room to truly build up your world and your characters.

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  2. It depends on how much I enjoyed the book and where the story ended up. If I thoroughly enjoyed a book or the story ends on a cliff hanger I will be more inclined to want a sequel than a story that feels more complete. In either case I may well be impulsively checking goodreads and/or the author’s website to see if there is any news on a sequel for some time to come.

    That said, I’m currently revising a standalone fantasy project I’ve written. I quite like my manuscript, so I have nothing against standalone fantasy novels in principle. 🙂

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  3. hopelessbookaddict

    I’m scared of standalones. Like, what if they’re not good enough?? Or worse, WHAT IF I ENJOY THEM AND WANT MORE?? BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT. Better to just avoid them if you can. Series are the bomb.

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  4. Great post! Fantasy is my favorite genre and these days I’m mostly reading books from this genre. I think Stand-alones are perfectly suitable for contemporary books but not for fantasy genre because one book isn’t enough to describe a vast world that you would love to explore and not to forget the characters that you wouldn’t want to part with so soon. 😀

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  5. I actually really love standalone fantasy novels, mostly because they are so rare. I actually disagree, you can revisit these places by rereading the book and if it’s a good one, you’ll find something new and special to explore. I love series too, but I sometimes do not have the patience to wait a year or more to find out what happens next. Great discussion post!

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