Book Haul: Jan 2016 // Cover-love! *drools*

12633040_566860866799358_1354002822_oSo I wanna say I was good this month! I didn’t spend outrageously, yet I still managed to get a good number of books! Do you think we could actually count this as a… Success?????!!!

After finishing Shatter Me earlier this month, I had to go see how the rest of the series was going to go! THOSE EYES ON THE COVER ARE ACTUALLY GORGEOUS!  After seeing the whole series, my favourite’s got to be Ignite Me (BRB while I die over this cover!). I’ll hopefully get to devouring the rest of this series next month!

Also, because I loved – like, actually fangirl so hard forSnow Like Ashes, I needed to know what was going to happen in Ice Like Fire! I’m so excited!! I have heard she’s not with the guy I ship her with in this book though, so poo!

OF COURSE, I had to get the new Alexandra Bracken book! Like, that could just come out and I not get excited about it (blasphemy!). I don’t have a photo of it, but under the cover of Passenger, is the most beautiful hardback! LIKE AAJSDALFKSLDF!

I’ve still yet to read the two Red Queen novellas so I got the bind up! I’m playing on reading Cruel Crown, re-reading Red Queen and devouring Glass Sword next month! (WE’RE SO CLOSE!!!!)

I also got this beautiful edition of Pride and Prejudice! If I dont read this book early next month I shall be so mad at myself! If I enjoy her writing I think I’m going to get all the Austin books in this edition!

I also got a couple of ebooks this month!

16101128 (2) 16131484 (1)I wanted to read The 5th Wave before seeing the film and my bookshop only had the movie release covers, so I figured I’d get the ebook, and buy the hardbacks later!

loved  The 5th Wave, I couldn’t get enough! Which is why I went and read The Infinite Sea straight after, which unfortunately I had to drag myself through!

That’s my haul for this month! I’ve promised myself to be good next month, so hopefully I follow through! What lovely books did you purchase *adopt* this month??! Have you read any of the ones I go??!



About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    I hope you’ll enjoy Ice Like Fire, I had some issues with it because it was decidedly different to Snow Like Ashes. I need to start on the Shatter Me series, though!

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  2. That is such a beautiful and adorable book haul. I almost got Wuthering Heights with a similar cover like Pride and Prejudice but I’d already bought so many that I had to stop myself. You’re going to love Passenger, it was really good.

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  3. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. The Shatter Me books are perfection. I’ve always wanted to get them but I saw the first edition of Shatter Me at a secondhand bookstore, so I got it for about $1. Still, a bargain.

    SUCH A GREAT HAUL, AMY. (Sorry, bookish posts make me extremely excited!) I can’t wait to get Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger. It sounds amazing.


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