Book to Screen Adaption Review – The 5th Wave // BRB WHILE I DIE!

the 5th wave


I just finished The 5th Wave (the book) like 24 hours ago so it’s fresh as a daisy in my head and I’m here to do a Book to Screen Adaption review!!! A Book to Screen Adaption review is exactly what the title suggests, I am here to compare how well the movie stuck to the book! I just posted my review of The 5th Wave (the book) yesterday! Go check it out, to see what I thought of the book then come back to see what I thought of the movie.


The movie was fantastic! LIKE AWESOME! It follows the flow of the book so well!! Like was SPOT ON with all the important things that happen in the book! There were quite a number of small details (I thought was really important) that were left out of the story completely. There were also somethings completely changed from the book. But overall, none of these things left out or changed subtracted from this awesome movie! I’m going to break this post up into Things That Were Done Spectacularly, Things That Were Strange, Things That Were Left Out Completely! ONTO THE LISTS!

Let me start this with a

This will contain all the spoilers. All. Of. Them. Spoilers as far as the eye can see! From the book and the movie both!!

Now that you understand beyond here lies spoilers let’s get started!

Things that were done spectacularly!!

  • The start of the movie WAS THE EXACT SAME AS THE BOOK!! You may be thinking ‘Nah, not the exact same! You must be over exaggerating!’ BUT I. Am. Not! Sure some minor details are excluded, they can’t make the movie 5 hours long (despite how much we would love that). But EVERYTHING IMPORTANT IS THE EXACT SAME!! I was doing a happy dance in my chair celebrating!
  • The explaining of all the waves are brilliant! Dare I say, even better than the book!! Like, no joke! Getting to see the tidal wave completely destroy entire countries, and the disease lay to waste billions of people! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!
  • The reveal of the 5th wave!!! One of the things I mentioned I wanted out of this movie was for the reveal of the 5th wave to be totally shocking and mind blowing and IT TOTALLY DELIVERED!! I of course knew what the 5th Wave was so I wasn’t surprised but Tam (my twin sister, who saw the film with me) was like mind blown! She looked at me and made this face!!! I was so happy!!!!

giphy (35)

  • They used so much dialogue STRAIGHT FROM THE BOOK!!! It was so exciting!!! And since the book was so fresh in my mind I was like HOLD ON ISN’T THAT EXACTLY HOW CASSIE/BEN SAYS THAT IN THE BOOK!!??? I was in love!
  • One of the other things I wanted out of the movie was for Sammy to be totally adorable! What can I say, his adorableness is like heart melting in the book and I wanted the same thing from the movie. AND WE TOTALLY GET IT!

too cute gif

  • The cast is seriously hot (oh and great actors – but is that really what’s important here?)! I mentioned that I only knew that Chloe Grace Moretz was playing Cassie but I didn’t know who was playing the rest of the cast. Can I just say SPOT ON (whoever the production company is). If the movie sucked and you wanted me to stick around, I totally would have solely because Alex Roe (the guy that plays Evan Walker) is super hot! LIKE

tumblr_nb8uq28gvt1tjpaueo1_500There’s a scene in the movie where’s he’s bathing! And DAMN! Because of Evan’s super hotness I have decided that Movie Evan is AMAZING! AND I LOVE HIM! But I’m sticking with my opinion that Book Evan is a creepier and not good for Cassie!

  • Chloe Grace Moretz is AMAZING as Cassie!!!!! She plays the role so well!!!! There were no awkward line delivering and she didn’t look doing the fight scenes! She was fantastic and I think she was a great pick for the role! I gotta admit I was expecting the guy that’s playing Ben Parrish (Nick Robinson) to be like OUT OF THIS WORLD ATTRACTIVE (just because Cassie never shuts up about it in the book) but I found him like meh. He great at playing an emotionless Zombie though!

Things I found a tad strange!!

  • Book Ben has NO IDEA who Cassie is. He doesn’t remember they’ve been in school together their entire lives, him and Cassie haven’t had a conversation since like middle school, yet Movie Ben totally knows who Cassie is. In fact, Movie Ben knows personal details about Cassie’s life, like that she has a brother, that her name is short for Cassiopeia, that her last name is Sullivan. I thought it was just strange to change that detail.
  • Okay this made me LOL so hard! You know towards the end of the book when Ben and his squad are out on their mission and they have those helmets that put a green haze around the Other’s heads??? A GREEN HAZE! In the movie around the Other’s heads was a red circle and then their skulls were outlines in green. Like it was a video game!!!!! It was actually so funny!
  • Obama-lolThere was no ambiguity about Evan being an alien or human! You think he’s a human the entire way up to when you think his a human the entire way up to when you find out he’s not. Tam was so shocked. In the book, Cassie goes back and forth between thinking he’s a Silencer and thinking she’s just being paranoid, but in the movie she only doubts him one time and then we’re lead to think he’s a human only.
  • Talking about Evan, he says something in the movie to the extent to ‘I’m a human and I’m an Other. I’m both.’ – which lead Tam to believe he was a hybrid. She asked me if he was like a half blood. So I don’t think it was explained very well that NO he is in fact 100% Other but rather identifies as human.

Things that were left out completely!!

Now this list has me going

giphy (37)
I know a lot of stuff can’t be included because of time restraints but some of this stuff was only minor details they I thought were really important to the story which would have taken them no no extra time to add!

  • The tracker ships inserted in the soldiers aren’t self-exploding, which means Flintstone never kills himself.
  • The computer Wonderland (which maps out a persons entire life) isn’t in the movie at all! I thought this would be a super important part because then we’d get more of a history of Ben and Sam but NOPE.
  • There’s no Reznik (Ben’s unit corporal the army base). This I thought was super strange because he has such an important role in Ben and his squad working out that they’re the 5th wave!!
  • There wasn’t really any budding romance between Ringer and Ben like there is in the book. In the book, Ben like has a subtle crush on her and is constantly trying to make her laugh but in the movie she’s just cold and hard the whole movie. This I thought for sure should have been included because I have heard that in the second book there’s a lot of drama between Ringer, Cassie and Ben. But if Ben never has feelings for Ringer I’m assuming the movie’s not going to have drama?
  • OKAY THIS BIT HAD ME LIKE DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, WRITER, ARE YOU STUPID???? Like, this is SO IMPORTANT TO THE STORY!!! LIKE SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! It’s never explained that the Other’s are like just uploaded consciousness. Like there’s that whole part in the book when Evan’s explaining that all the Other’s are uploaded onto the computer and they don’t actually have physical forms, they only have their minds. Like for sure they should have included the bit explaining what the Others are right????????? They didn’t have the bit when Evan moves his consciousness into Cassie for a couple of moments so she can feel what it feel like either.


  • This next bit is like just a personal thing cause I totally wanted to see the fucked-up-ness of the scene – but they didn’t include the scenes in the army base where Ben, Sam and their squad had to burn all the dead bodies and their friend is one of them.

Even though it may have sounded like I was railing on the movie I actually enjoyed it so flipping much!!! I just had the book fresh in my mind so comparing it was easy! I really, really, really think you should all go see the movie whether you’ve read the book or not!!



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  1. Isabella @ GryffindorBooks

    Okay, I’m really excited now for this movie since you loved it. I don’t think many of the critics liked it, which made me nervous… but I think they just hate YA adaptations in general. I LOVE the 5th Wave series so I was really hoping this movie would do well… also YES to the attractive cast. ESPECIALLY EVAN.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Isabella @ GryffindorBooks

        I’ve started ignoring what the critics say; I think it’s what the fans think that really matters! And yes, EVAN. SO PERFECT.

        Liked by 1 person

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