TBR Jar Draw #20: The Hunger Games vs No True Echo

So I may or may not have promised to have a graphic up for this post today.  I PROMISE I’M WORKING ON IT!! Step 1. Revamp TBR Jar is going slower then I expected! Do you know how long it takes to fold 10 billion little pieces of paper??? Neither do it cause I don’t have the patient to find out! I solemnly swear that next time there shall be a graphic!!! (like I think next TBR Jar will mean this feature has been going on for 10 months and I’m only just now getting around to the graphic!!!)

Every second Monday, I draw two titles out of my TBR Jar and decide which one to read! The book has to be read straight after the book I’m currently reading and a title can only be drawn and put back in the jar two times and then on the third time I HAVE to read it.

The DRAW!!!!!

24795911 (2) 2767052 (2)

I drew No True Echo by Gareth P. Jones and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Even though I would much rather read The Hunger Games, I’m going to go with No True Echo instead! Here’s why – I went on a preordering binge last year and preordered No True Echo and then never looked at it again! AND THAT ANNOYS ME!! It has a pretty dismal GR rating so I’m not expecting to much but it’s only 280something pages and has a cool cover  so yay!!!!

backlist blitz t2

Also in case you missed the post yesterday! Me and Prima from Panda Hearts Books are running a readathon! From the 21st to the 31st of this month we are going to try to read as many 2015 releases we have sitting on our selves as possible! If you would like to join in just head over to my announcement post to find out how! It’s going to be so much fun 🙂



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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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      1. Katniss leading Peeta on was one of the things I just hated. Why does she do that to such a nice guy??? Eh, but you’re not missing much. The second book is pretty good but the third book for me was just so boring XD

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