Just Some (Read: SOOO MANY) Stats From 2015 // A Year In Review


Holy Hell, 2015 has finished already. Like can we please all ask how this year went so fast? I’m not a fan of this whole time moving thing…

So 2015 was my first full year of blogging and I have the stats to prove it! A lot of these stats were stolen straight from The Perpetual Page-Turner’s Annual End of Year Survey I just could not personally commit to answering 10 thousand questions plus I have added a couple of my own stats! BUT if you are a lover of lists and stats go over and check out the End of Year Survey cause holly shit that will be your heaven!

Goodreads has a Year in Books thingo happening, Here’s mine!


Number of Books Read & Page Numbers

I read a grand total of 91 books this year and 34,160 pages.

Longest, Shortest & Average Page Length



meta-chart (1)


meta-chart (2)

** Totally stole the pie chart idea from Cait @ Paper Fury**

2015 Favourites

fav books of the year

Queen of Shadows | A Court of Thorns and Roses | The Martian | Me Before You | Illuminae | Made You Up | Fangirl

It was so hard just to choose a couple of books but these 7 really blew me away! Every single book here has become a life favourite! Plus, isn’t it funny that when we really really love a book the reviews always seem to be the best to write!

Top Covers

702748_553725268112918_885128968_n (1)

That’s a pretty bad photo – just trust me that the covers are pretty!!

I have a theory that covers have gotten even better these last couple of years because authors and publishers have been like ‘FINE! Since the idiots are doing the one thing we told them not to, guess we’re going to have to stoop to their level and make the covers prettier! GAWD!’

Most Read Authors
most read authors

It’s going to suck when I’m doing the stats for next year and have to work out the maths for myself, but for now All Hail Goodreads! LOL at the fact Shannon Dermott is my second most read author this year, I was playing at a game of trying to see if the series ever got good again. I failed at the game.

Favourite New-To-Me Authors

This was a whole TTT topic a couple of weeks ago and you can see my Top Ten here, but here are my top 3 favourite new to me authors! BECAUSE WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN READING THESE WOMEN FOR YEARS??
fav authors 2

Alexandra Bracken | Marissa Meyer | Susan Ee

2015 OTPs

I ship ALL THE SHIPS! If it’s shippable trust me I’ve shipped it! Here’s a quick list (read: Oh-So-Long):

2015’s Sob Fest Books

sob fest

Only two books really come to mind when I think about loosing hold of my emotions to like an excess and those are Made You Up and Me Before You. Both of them had me like ‘Quick someone throw me a life vest before I drown in my own tears’

Lowest & Highest Star Rating on GRs

Just more unnecessary proof that Sarah is Queen! And 3.34 as my lowest rating of the year is pretty damn good! I was expecting to go check and it be like 1.67.

Female vs Male Authors

book stacks 2

Note to self *read more books by male authors in 2016*

Series vs Standalones

I read 69 series books and 23 standalones!


Number of Posts

Posts: This post is officially my 206 post of the entire year! Shit.

Reviews: 91 – It’s crazy to me to think I’ve written 91 reviews this year!!

Discussions: 23 Discussion posts!

TTT: 34 Top Ten Tuesday! (That’s pretty good! That’s like 83ish% of all TTTs!)

Book Hauls: 9 (So that’s where all my money went…)

Month in Review: 9 (Which is strange, you know… considering there’s 12 months in a year?)

TBR Jar Draw: 18 <– I’m so proud of myself for this, because when I started doing TBR Jar Draws, I was like 99.999% sure I was going to last like 2.3 seconds before giving up.

Other: 22

Most Popular Review

This still baffles me to NO end… but my most popular review, which still gets views EVERYDAY, but just very well may be in the bottom 10 reviews I’ve ever written (like, I wish you couldn’t find it) is… Frostbite (The Dragonian Series #3) by Adrienne Woods. I don’t understand, but whatever LOL!

Most Popular Discussion Post

My most popular discussion post was What To Get Your Book Lover For Christmas!!

Best Month & Day

November was my best month, but generally there’s been a consistent theme of getting better each month (which it the goal isn’t it?).

Best Day was July 1st, where I got a hell of a lot of love on a single review (which wasn’t posted that day). I don’t know what was so special about that review on that particular day but it blew up.

It has honestly been a brilliant year and I can’t wait to have another fantastic year next year! I hope everyone has a great New Years! Love You! Talk to you next year 😉



About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Pie charts are THE BEST right?!?! *hugs all pie charts* XD It looks like you had such a great year reading, and I looove how you set this out. STATS ARE REALLY FUN, RIGHT?! hheehe oh oh I love your most loved covers and all your OTPs too. *nods* I concur. ;D

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