2016 Reading & Blogging Goals

Guys, the end of 2015 is upon us and that means that it is now time for us all to think about what we want to achieve in the year ahead! This list of reading and blogging goals lets be honest, probably wont all be met but the goal is to have goals so here we go…

Reading Goals

  • Read 120 books! -which will be 25ish more books then I read this year. But then again I took like a three month hiatus this year so I think I may be able to accomplish this! I haven’t set up my Goodreads Challenge yet but this shall be my goal!
  • A Classic A Month – So that means by the end of 2016 I will be have finally read 12 classics and obviously be super smarter.
  • Finish series that I only have one or two books left in – The Grisha, Seven Realms, The Darkest Minds (still have that last novella), The Dragonian.
  • Start popular series I still need to read – Bloodlines, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Hunger Games (especially now that I have the box set), Maze Runner, Divergent.
  • Read a book over 1000 pages – Just think of how glorious a book that big will look on your shelf!
  • Read at least 10 debut books!!! Gotta give then debut authors some love 🙂 (The Novice, These Vicious Masks,) 
  • Read graphic novels – I really want to know what the big fuss is about Nimona and Saga is!
  • Read all your anticipating series installments! This ones a given! It’s mostly just here so there’s at least one goal on here I’ll complete LOL 😉

Blogging Goals

  • Revamp site – I have been wanting to do this for like 10 billion years!! I just need to do it already!
  • Reach 500 followers – I’m currently at 240 something, so this goal would mean I would legit have to more then double my current number… doable? I’m not sure haha! Go large or go home right???
  • Do at least 4 original discussion posts each month! – I always have all these ideas of what would be good discussion posts and then never end up writing them! 2016 is the year that all changes!
  • TBR Jar Draw will continue! Every second Monday TBR Jar Draw will happen as usual.
  • Start doing Book to Screen Adaption reviews. I did a TTT of all the 2016 book to screen adaptions I’m looking forward to!
  • Comment back to all comments!!!!
  • Have a blog cleanse! Go through the blogs I follow and unfollow all the blogs I never look at.

Book Related Goals

  • Get my TBR pile below 30 books – At this current moment it is at 59 (not including the books I got for christmas. So this goal really shouldn’t be to unmanageable!
  • Set up a second bookshelf!
  • Request ARCs!!!! I always say I’m going to and then never do! JUST DO IT!
  • Organise your Goodreads shelves!!!!!! AMY, THAT SHIT IS A MESS GET ON IT!

So there’s my 2016 goals! What are your 2016 goals???? Let me know!


About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

21 Responses

  1. If you haven’t yet decided on a 1000+ page book and need suggestions, The Count of Monte Cristo is a marvelous book. It’s got something for everyone – innocent man imprisoned, love, murder, buried treasure, revenge, the works. You have to be careful with older translations as some of them are cut because of length. A complete older one is free at Project Gutenberg at http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1184

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  2. Those all sound like solid goals. I haven’t made up my list of resolutions yet, but I’ve already decided one is to not request any more ARCs unless it’s for something I’m DYING to read. The majority of my ARC requests lately have been really awful and I feel so guilty DNF-I got them.

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  3. ARGGG I so need to organise my messy Goodreads shelf! Honestly though I probably should do all these things too… especially read some classics and revamp my blog and write more discussion posts… I’ll definitely do these in 2016 (maybe, most likely) XD

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