Top Ten Tuesday: 2015’s New-To-Me Favourite Authors


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I’ve actually found so many new favourite authors this year! A lot of them are established authors that I just finally got around to reading for the first time, and am know kicking myself for waiting so long!

Here’s my list: (Yes, you can hang shit on me that it took me till 2015 to read a Leigh Bargudgo or Marissa Meyer or Alexandra Bracken or pretty much 50% of my list book)


Marissa Meyer – I read the entire Lunar Chronicles series this year and LOVED every second of it!!! I can’t wait to start reading her new series about the Queen of Hearts next year!

Alexandra Bracken – Alexandra Bracken is a feels goddess!! I LOVE the Darkest Minds books!! They are flipping amazing!! I was pretty much emotional destroyed like every book (including the novellas) but that was just part of their amazingness! I can’t wait to get my hands on Passenger in January!! SO CLOSE! I still need to read her retelling of Star Wars as well!

Francesca Zappia – Francesca was a debut author this year but Holly Shit I am a fan! Made You Up, is in my top 5 favourite books for the year! It is literally amazing!! I can not wait to see what else she writes!

Leigh Bardugo – I read the first two Grisha books this year, and although I liked them I didn’t LOVE them, it wasn’t until I read Six Of Crows which I just finished on Sunday, were I’ve decided I’m a massive fan girl! I can’t wait  to read anything Leigh wants to write!

Amie Kaufman – I have known about the Starbound books for years, but have never really had a need to read them but I DO NOW! I read Illuminae last month and died in a puddle of fan girl, and now need to read everything else she’s ever written!

Cinda Williams Chima – This woman is a world building genius! I’ve read the first three Seven Realms books this year and I am in love! I still need to read the fourth, but I’ve been putting it off, because once I do that it’ll ALL BE OVER!!!! (That is until her new series Shattered Realms, set in the same world, comes out next April!)

Pierce Brown – I have yet to read Golden Son, but I don’t even care cause I know I’m going to love it! Red Rising literally blew me away with how fantastic is was I’m going to make sure to read everything Pierce Brown ever wants to write!

Becky Albertalli – As if the mastermind behind the brilliant debut, Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda wouldn’t make this list!!!! Anything this women wants to write I am there!

Victoria Aveyard – People either loved Red Queen or they meh-ed hard, I’m on the winning side that LOVED this book!!! I need the squeal like yesterday! I can’t wait to re-read Red Queen!!! Only like 2 months!

Marci Lyn Curtis – The One Thing is such an underrated book but it is sooooo amazing!!! Such a fantastic debut novel, and I’m now so keen to read what ever else Marci writes in the future!

That’s me for this week!!! Who were your new-to-me fav authors?? Let me know below 🙂



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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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