Top Ten Tuesday: Six Books Which Shaped Me As A Reader And I’m Thankful For It!!


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted The Broke and The Bookish (but you knew that already)

For starters, Happy (Merry?) Thanksgiving to everyone in the States! You guys get so many holidays these last couple of months of the year, it makes me jelly!!

I super struggled as to what to do with this Thankful themed freebie, but I’ve decided to talk about a couple of the books that really shaped me as a reader (Do Not expect these to be like award winning books! LOL No!). This list doesn’t get to 10 because it was such a struggle to think about books I read previous to starting my new goodreads at the end of last year. I’d had a goodreads previously but hadn’t been on it in like 10 billion years, so when I started my blog last year I made a new goodreads.

TTT thankful

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – Twilight was the first book I ever read recreational.

No evil English teacher (and trust me all my English teachers were evil) was forcing me to read it. I liked the first movie, and wanted to read the book and BAM my love for reading was born! I know Twilight’s not exactly the height of literally genius but if I had never read it, I probably would not be the book-nerd I am today. (It’s so weird to think Twilight – of all effing books – had such a huge roll in shaping me as a person).

Harry Potter by J.K Rowling – HP was the first series I found myself completely 110% immersed in.

I wanted it to be a real story more then anything. HP was probably where my love for fantasy originated. I remember reading the entire series in like a month which is huge for a 12/13 year old who had barely read before. I wanted to go to Hogwarts so badly (I still want to go to Hogwarts so badly).

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire – My first ever Book Boyfriend.

Maybe Travis wasn’t the first character I ever crushed on but I remember LOVING him. Which is actually kind of sad considering he’s a pretty shitty human being, and a crappy boyfriend to the chick in the book – it’s okay though, I’m older now I”m not as easily persuaded by descriptions of sexy abs. I must have reread this book like 234i3 times. But that’s nothing on my sisters who must have read it 58321232137 times after I made them read it. Still to this day, my twin thinks Travis is one of the sexist book characters ever.

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult – This was the first book I ever cried at.

Like balling like a baby, inconsolable tears. I remember it scared the ever loving hell out of my parents that I was so upset about a book, they were like ‘It’s just a story! Calm down! You’re alright! Just put the damn book down and you’ll feel better!’ I’d just seen the movie and I’d wanted to read the book – little did I know the book and movie were so flipping different! This book taught me what it’s like to connect on a deep level with a book, and how bloody rare and brilliant it is!

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead – Taught me the sweet torture of waiting for the next book release.

I don’t remember which book in the series it was, but waiting for that next release was TORTUROUS. Me and my sisters had a count down going on our phones. We. Were. Not. Okay. I don’t think I’d ever anticipated a book to that extreme before Vampire Academy. It was the birth of my love/hate relationship with book anticipation!

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – The first time I ever wanted to be a character SO FUCKING BADLY

Okay this is probably (read: definitely) a lie about Celaena being the first character I came across which I wanted desperately to change places with, but as usual she popped into my head before all others. But ToG had to be on this list! Ever since reading Throne of Glass only a couple weeks after it came out I have been a massive fan! It’s the standard I hold most books to. And no character makes me fangirl like Celaena! So YES it needed to be on this list!!

So there you go, six books I’m thankful I read. They may not all be the best books ever, but they all helped shape the book-nerd I am today!

What books shaped you as a reader? Let me know!



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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. Love this list! And YES to Harry Potter! Twilight and HP were the first books that really got me into reading. I just bought My Sister’s Keeper a few days ago and I’m so excited to read it! I tend to like books that really make you cry so I think I’ll enjoy this one haha. 🙂

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