What To Get Your Book Lover For Christmas!!



I actually love Christmas. I know everyone says it’s their favourite time of the year but it is my favourite time of the year! I like it over my birthday! Here in Australia, Christmas falls right in Summer, and my parent’s house is right on the beach so for like the week or so I spend at their’s it’s just food, presents, sunbaking, surfing and reading. STRAIGHT UP PARADISE.

I thought, in spirit of my favourite time of the year, and in preparation for the start of me going full speed ahead on prezzie buying, I would make a list of all the awesome bookish things you could get your book lover for Christmas! Or if your like me and don’t really have any book lovers in your life expect yourself, you can forward this list onto your friends and family for yourself!



This one’s a given for your Book Lover! Just check their Goodreads to-read list and pick a couple of books that you think they may really enjoy! If they don’t have a Goodreads ask them to compile a big list of books they want and pick a couple from that list so the present still remains a surprise!



For all those ebook lovers out there this one is perfect! Give them a $30 Amazon Gift card and watch their little bookish eyes widen with wonder at all the .99c books they can buy! Buy a Gift Card



Your Book Lover doesn’t have a kindle yet?? Why don’t you get them one! Kindle’s range from anywhere between $70 and $350 dollars depending on how sophisticated your Book Lover wants their Kindle. Kindles, are pricey so maybe confirm with your Book Lover that they definitely want one before splashing all that cash! Kindle information


Bookish jewelry is a definitely a thing and I guarantee your Book Lover will fangirl/boy so hard for it! There are so many Esty stores specifically for book jewelry, most of which will make you a custom piece especially for your Book Lover. Here is of some of my favourites!

Bella Regaila

Custom Bookish Pendents – Belle will transform any image you wish into a beautiful piece of bookish jewelry! From Belle Regalia.

book pins

Bookish Pins– As if your Book Lover wouldn’t love these bookish pins!! From Rasberry Finch.


“So many books, so little time” Cuff Bracelets – Trust me, your Book Lover knows the struggle of wanting to read All The Books and will love this cuff bracelet! From Kaiel design.


Believe me when I say you Book Lover can NEVER have enough book marks and there are some really cool ones out there! Here are a couple:


‘Fell Asleep Here’ Page Clip – As if your Book Lover doesn’t need this spoon page clip. Trust me they do! From  For Such A Time Designs

light bookmark

Lightmark – Give this to your Book Lover and watch them try not to fall in love. From Fancy.


Page and Line bookmark –If this isn’t a Book Lovers necessity I don’t know what is? From Awesome Inventions.


Zipmarks – Because life is to short not to buy a Zipmark! From Peleg Design.


bookish mug

Your Book Lover also a coffee/tea lover?? Why not combine there two favourite things with some bookish mugs! I found these (from left to right) Judi CreatesWBShop, Blush FaceSociety6.


book posters

If your Book Lover is a visual person they may love a bookish poster! I got all three of these from Redbubble they have a HUGE range of bookish posters for you to choose from!


You Book Lover needs a way to carry around all the bookish goodies you’re going to get them. Here are some awesome bookish bags


Poe-ka Dot Tote – Is your Book Lover punny? They’ll love this! From Out of Print.


Book (Wine) Club Tote – Does your Book Lover love their wine club – opps I mean book club? From Artsy Modern.


Library Card Tote – From Out of Print – The Library: every Book Lovers second home.


Big Book Tote – Is your Book Lover, a bigger is better kind of reader? From Human.


Does your Book Lover love a good funny t-shirt? I found some great ones for you!


Books are Charming – I bet your Book Lover’s patronus would also be a bookworm! From Fun Sports Gear.


Don’t Judge the Book By it’s Movie – It’s Hollywood’s fault! From Human.


I’d Rather Be a Book Dragon – Let’s be honest how much cooler would it be to be a book dragon! From Book Riot.


Gatsby – The most accurate shirt ever! From Human.


bookish candles

Maybe your Book Lover is like me and would die for there reading nook to smell like a bookstore All The Time! Frostbeard Studio has over 50 different bookish candle ranging from Old Books to Christmas at Hogwarts.


phone cases

Bookish phone cases are available everywhere! There’s some for every type of reader your Book Lover is. I found all four of these on Book Riot.


I’m sure your Book Lover is just as annoyed as I am at my books falling down on my book case, the solution… Awesome book ends! There are pretty much every kind of bookends you could think of. Think of your Book Lovers favourite thing and search for a bookend molded after it. Here are a couple I found:


Hero Bookends – Because seriously, look how cool this bookend is! From Amazon.


Portal Bookends – Is your Book Lover a bit of a Sci-fi buff? From ThinkGeek.


Magnetic Bookends – Your Book Lover can tell everyone it’s magic! From Incredible Things.

Pick a couple things off this list and you will make your Book Lovers Christmas! Have fun shopping! I hope this list helped!!




About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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