Nowhere But Here (Thunder Road #1) by Katie McGarry // A Sexy & Emotional YA Romance


4 stars

If you’re like me and think about Nowhere But Here will just be another cliché YA contemporary romance, where there’s a good girl, a bad boy, angst, romance and family drama (let’s not lie that’s like 85% of all YA contemporary romances) you would not be wrong. Maybe that was the wrong way to start a positive review, but it’s the truth! It definitely has all those things, and normally that would annoy me to no end, but Nowhere But Here was exactly what I was in the mood for and therefore I just LOVED IT!

So the first thing that you obviously want to know about is: how was the romance? Well holy shit, my heart will never recover from all the squeezing it did throughout this novel! Emily and Oz’s relationship was so lovely! When this book first started, I was positive that their relationship was going to be instalove, but instead apart from being physically attracted to each other straight off, their emotions towards each other were slow building, learning to be friends with one another before becoming anything more. I loved the way this book states that they may end up together forever but that they love each other for now. I think just mentioning that little fact, makes this book so much more realistic then all the times in YA romance were the characters are talking about still being together when they’re eighty. I’m seriously bummed that the books in this series are companion novels and I’ll only get to read about Oz and Emily in the peripherally of the other characters stories.

I seriously loved the family element in this book. Nowhere But Here highlights the fact that family is complicated and messy but that doesn’t diminish the amount of love you show. Throughout this book Emily is learning to mesh her small little family of herself, her mum and her adopted dad, with this massive extended family that belongs to her biological dad motorcycle club (which, just real quick, thank you Katie for writing about a MC that isn’t into illegal business). I love that multiple times it is mentioned that blood doesn’t equal family that you get to choose your family. I would have liked if there were a lot more emphases on Emily getting to know her biological dad, that was the reason she was there in the first place but instead it focused mostly on her and Oz, with the occasional scene between her and her grandmother, Olivia, while skipping over important bonding scene’s with her dad.

I liked how this book dealt with sex. I am so over reading about sex in YA that make it seem like this horrible thing, that either ends in embarrassment or a baby. Books like Nowhere But Here, which treat sex as a total normal, safe was to express your emotions is what I think all YA should strive to do. Teens have sex so it shouldn’t be a think authors are scared to write about.

Overall, I really, really loved this book. It’s not my usual go-to type of book, but maybe that’s why I ended up loving it so much! I can’t wait to continue on with the series, I think the next book is about Razor, who seemed like a really complicated and interesting character in this book so I’m hoping I enjoy it just as much!

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  1. Great review and post! 🙂 I recently just got an e-book of this book and can’t wait to read it! It sounds really good and it was only $0.99, so that’s even better to get an awesome sounding book for so cheap! I hope I enjoy it too!

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  2. […] Walk the Edge (Thunder Road #2) by Katie McGarry – Nowhere But Here was such a great surprise and now I’m completely hooked on this series!!! My only thing is that I usually never like the sequels in companion novels because I just fell in love with the character in the first novel and I’m comparing everyone in the second novel to those in the first! I’m being careful not to write Walk the Edge off before I actually read it though! This one’s about Razor who seemed like a super interesting character!!! I can’t wait :D! | Release: March 29th | Previous Books in Series: 1 (Nowhere But Here) […]


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