Zeroes (Zeroes #1) by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti // A SuperUnique SuperZero Book


4 stars

This was my first Scott Westerfeld book and I gotta say, he definitely lives up to the hype. Or maybe, him, Lanagan and Biancotti just make an amazing writing trio. I wonder which authors wrote which characters? ANYWAYS I DISGRESS, this book was so unique and just a whole bunch of fun. Zeroes is about a group or teenagers who all have some form of superpowers, but they aren’t exactly your typical superhero powers. As you can probably assume, something happens and these Heroes Zeroes need to come together and help save the day! I don’t usually read superhero-ish books so this book was a whole new exciting vibe for me!

This book contains a whooping six POVs, which going into this novel, I was expecting to find overwhelming but instead is delivered in a way which makes every character feel fresh and distinctive. I loved all the diversity between all the characters: race, socio-economical background, family life, cultural beliefs. Also, with all the POVs you as the reader get the unique experience of being able to form your own perspective towards a character, instead of being inside one character and having to take their word for law. You are able to put together ever characters opinion on each other and then form your own opinion.

  • Ethan AKA Scam – Ethan’s power is that he has an inner voice that just knows what needs to be said to get Ethan what he wants, however he is unable to control what the voice says and this gets him in a trouble quiet frequently.
  • Kelsie AKA Mob – Kelsie’s able to influence a crowds emotion, essentially moulding a crowd to experience whatever she wants.
  • Nate AKA Bellwether AKA Glorious Leader – Nate is the Zeroes leader, he has the power to focus and influence the energy of a group onto whatever subject he chooses (usually himself).
  • Riley AKA Flicker – Flicker, herself, is blind except that she is able to see out of anyone else’s eyes. She can flick between hundreds to different people’s eyes to view a scene from ever angle.
  • Thibault AKA Anonymous – has the unfortunate power of being forgettable. Anon is so forgettable that you will have a conversation with him and less than a minute later you could have forgotten what you talked about. He can be in the same room as you and you won’t notice him.
  • Chizara AKA Crash – has power of electricity. She can crash an entire cities electricity without much of a thought.

As happens with books with a lot of characters, I had my favourites and I had the ones that annoyed me. My favourite characters were Thibault and Flicker for sure, they had (in my opinion) the most interesting powers and the nicest personalities. My least favourite characters were Nate and Ethan. Nate is pretty damn manipulative, he is aware he is this way and doesn’t really plan to change. Ethan plays victim to his voice all the time! He has no control of it, but he does choose to use it so STOP WHINGING. 

There isn’t too much world building, but this stems from the fact that none of the characters have any idea why they have powers, they’re just always had them. I’ll be interested to see if it’s explained in the coming books.

The sub-plot of the romance in this book is pretty great. I would have liked if maybe we got a couple more scenes that really cemented my affection for the couples in this book. I am shipping ships though so YAY!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book the idea is unique and the characters are very distinctive. I’ll definitely be continuing on with the series!

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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. Haha I feel kind of guilty now that this reminded me I still have to finish my review on this… ahhh too many pending reviews!
    But anyway, I’m so glad you enjoyed this book! I agree with basically everything you said here. I found Zeroes to be lots of fun to read, and flew through it fairly quickly despite the large size. Great review Amy! ❤

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  2. hopelessbookaddict

    This actually sounds so cool. I immediately want to read this so bad. Flicker has a very interesting power; I don’t think I’ve something like that before. Actually, all the powers sound pretty unique. Definitely want to read this very soon 😀

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