The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis // An Adorable 10-Year-Old & All The Feels


4.5 stars

Firstly, I need to ask, WHY THE HELL MORE PEOPLE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THIS BOOK??!! The One Thing is an awe inspiring book that makes takes you through the whole emotional spectrum, and has crazy awesome characters. If you haven’t read this, which I know a lot of you haven’t, YOU NEED TO! I started around 9ish at night and read through to ten to 4 in the morning because I JUST COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!

Maggie lost her site six months ago due to bacterial meningitis, along with her bright soccer future, her close relationship with her mother, and all of her friends. One day while at her probation officers office (a small prank) Maggie slips, knocks her head and then suddenly a miracle occurs, she can see, but only Ben. This start’s Maggie becoming best friends with a 10 year old, crushing on his older brother (who happens to be the lead singer for Maggie’s favourite band) and her road to emotional and mental recovery

Within the first 10 pages of this book I was laughing aloud – TEN PAGES!!! I don’t think that’s ever happened in the history of ever! The reason for my giggles – ten year old Ben, who has spina bifida, and flirts like a 21 year old but with the innocence of a child. This was the start of my love affair with Ben. (NOT THAT WAY YOU WERIDOS – LIKE AN OLDER SISTER LOVE). Ben is one of those characters that would rather hurt himself then hurt someone else, he is made of goodness down to his very soul. Ben is the catalysts for Maggie, starting to view her life in a more positive way. I LOVED Maggie, but Ben was by far my favourite character.


Ben totally reminded me of Jamie from OTH!!

I don’t know if it’s the thirteen year old fangirl in me but I really loved that Ben’s older brother, Mason, was the lead singer of Maggie’s favourite band and OBVIOUSLY you knew they were going to end up together. I just loved it!! It’s a slow burn romance that starts out as tentative friendship and grows into this massive love and ASSKJALFJK I needed a swoon worthy feels fest and this book really delivered.

This book is so much more then just, girl meets boy and poof gets better, there’s a lot of stuff about her relationship with her mother, her old friends, making new friends and learning to live blind. The blind aspect was really well done I believe, I don’t think I’ve read a previous novel were the protagonist was blind so it was a new experience to read more about things being described through sounds and smells before much else. I’m not going to tell you why but this book had me sobbing at one certain part, I was not prepared for Curtis to mess with my emotions so thoroughly, but Hells Yes she does. I love when you connect with a book so deeply that you’re that emotional effected by it.

The only problem I had with this book was that Maggie could magically see Ben after knocking her head. I kept waiting for some medical reason to explain this, and just so you know there isn’t a medical reason. However, it is explained and although the reason isn’t logical, I think if you just view that aspect as a magical realism-ish element you won’t have a problem with it.

Overall, this was a fantastic book! I kinda want to go back and reread it, but read it slower this time to make it last longer. I’m also kinda bummed it’s not a series I would have loved more Maggie, Mason and Ben! You all need to go check this book out for yourselves YOU WONT REGRET IT!

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