Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I Have For The Book Genie


Omg you don’t understand how much I love this theme!!! I need book wishes! Can this please be a thing!

  1. I wish to own ALL THE BOOKS. All of them! Every single last one. And of course I want them for free!
  2. Of course I need to be able to house All The Books so I wish my house to be transformed into a library. I want every room to house a different genre, I want all the standalones to create one hell of a beautiful rainbow. I want random crazy but fantastic bookshelves. And every room has to have some sort of crazy comfortable area I can lounge on.
  3. Now that my library is established, I wish to have 10 Selves so that I can actually get through All The Books in my lifetime. And every single Self will have a hive mind so that Me the original Self will have all the stories and wonder in my head.
  4. Since my glorious library and my ability to read All The Books  has been established, I wish to be paid to read. I want to earn 6 figures a years for reading. I want to wake up every day and me ‘going to work’ be walking to the garden to sunbake and read, or rolling over picking up the book I reluctantly put down the night before and spend all day in bed reading. And since I’m receiving All The Books for free with all my extra cash I’ll be able to travel. I’ll still be earning more cash as well, because I’ll be ‘working’ while on holiday as well of course.
  5. But when I want to take a short break from reading, I wish to be able to write a incredible high fantasy series. Like Harry Potter, Throne of Glass, The Raven Cycle level good. Which people would love and enjoy!!!
  6. Okay this next one may sound a tad creepy, I wish that all my Book Boyfriends came to life. See, it may sound a tad strange, but books have made my standards to high for real people.
  7. Going with wish number 6, I wish that all my favourite protagonist came to life and that we were all best friends!!! Now that’s squad goals!
  8. I wish with every fiber in my being to be able to read the last two Throne of Glass books!!! I’m the only one that could read them early as well, everyone else would have to wait the crucifying last two years (just because I’m evil). BTW, I’m going to meet Sarah J. Maas in Novemeber!!! *FANGIRLS TO DEATH**
  9. I have a good one!!! I wish to only read 5 star reads!! Can you imagine if you only ever read books that were blow your mind good!!
  10. Now that my selfish #readinggoals have been firmly established for my last wish, I wish that everyone all of the world got the opportunity to learn to read. Even if after learning to read they realised that reading isn’t for them, I want everyone despite geological location, despite monetary availability to be able to read.

Okay so now that you’ve put all these thoughts in my head I actually need a Book Genie to make all my wishes come to life. ARHH How I Want ALL THE BOOKS!!!!!!

What are your wishes for the Book Genie??


About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

35 Responses

  1. I love your list! This theme is so great this week and you totally nailed it. Being paid to read would be fantastic, oh my god. Although, if you think about if you only read 5 star reads, would they all really be five stars? (ooooh deep). I CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR MEETING SJM!!

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  2. Your last wish is the best because of how selfless it is, especially given such a selfish topic for TTT. I admire your choice and I hope that, above all, is granted because no one should have to miss out because of something as simple as being able to read. Wonderful list amd I like how you tied each one together. ^.^

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  3. Love your wishes! 🙂
    Being paid to read would be amazing and reading only five star books would be just as amazing!
    10 selves would be nice! I had on my list that I wished to read faster, so I could get through more books.

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