Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Tropes I’m Begging Authers of the World to Stop Using 


So this weeks theme is things you want to quit – authors, genres, series, ect. AND I WAS SO DOWN TO WALK ABOUT TROPE I’M SO DONE WITH! Some of these are pretty obvious – things all readers hate, but some of these are minor book tropes I am just so OVER.

Badly written love triangles – Like duh! As If this isn’t top of everyone’s most hated trope list!!! Notice how I said badly written instead of all, that is quite simply because sometime you come across an author who writes amazing love triangles, but unfortunately they are few and far between.


Congratulation you’re the chosen one – so, these are all turning into very generic answers, BUT these one’s just need to be stated!! Guy’s not ever book needs to have a protagonist who is the one desinted to save the world. Trust me us readers don’t care. 

GIRL GOES FOR THE DOUCHE BAG. Can this trope please not exist????? It’s like encouraging women to view assholes as dating material, because all the books say he’s actually a softy on the inside. NOPE. No. Nada. He’s just a asshole. AND NO CHARACTER WORTH LIKING WOULD CHOOSE THE ASSHOLE!

I’m so ugly – OH Wait! – Okay, I am so done with girl describing themselves as plain/ugly wall flower tyoes but ever other character is calling them the most beautiful thing ever! AUTHORS IT’S OKAY TO HAVE AN AVERAGE LOOKING PROTAGONIST!!! She can have pimples, and be chubby and socially awkward, trust me, us readers will probably love that she’s more real!

I’m in a committed relationship, but I can’t help falling in love with YOU. This one is more of a personal choice – I hate characters who cheat! Actually, you know what? I can forgive characters who cheat, what I can’t forgive is when a character cheats, but then stays with their original partner! Have you ever heard that saying that if you have feelings for someone else while in a relationship, be with the second person because you never would have been interested in them to start off with if your relationship with your partner was meant to last.

She-wears-high-heals-I-wear-sneakers – I ACTUALLY HATE THIS! Can we please stop having protagonist who think they’re better then other girls because they don’t care about getting dressed up, or they like Star Wars why the other girls in the book haven’t even watched it. It sends the message that a girl is vapid and an airhead if she likes getting dressed up!

Teenage pregnancy – this one is 100% a trope I am personally over. Maybe other people wont even think it occurs a lot in books but I feel like it is to prominent in YA books set in high schools!! It just grates my nerves that if a teen character has sex even ONCE without contraception voila TEEN PREGNANCY (or at least a pregnancy scare!) FOR ONCE CAN A CHARACTER PLEASE BE ON THE PILL????????

What did you choose for your TTT this week??? Do any of these tropes annoy the shit out of you as well?? Let me know below!


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. I did tropes, too, and I picked mostly different ones, but I so agree with all these! Well, I’ve never actually read about a teenage pregnancy, but I can see why it’d annoy you. And I agree that love triangles CAN be good! But, you know, when they’re done well. Great list 🙂

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  2. I just hate it when the protagonist is all “I’m just so average” and then the guy comes in and he’s like “Your soooo beautiful, wow!”. Logically, it can’t happen that often because at least half the population has below average looks. As a reader, I’m just so done.

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  3. Bless this post!
    She-wears-high-heals-I-wear-sneakers – Someone finally talked about this! What’s wrong with having the need to dress up? I love high heels and I love Star Wars as well. These are just stupid stereotypes and they have to end.

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  4. Love this! I especially am in love with ‘being the chosen one’. Yes! Yes! A million times yes! I mean come on! It’s so common that it’s like EVERYONE’S the chosen one and they’re expected to lead the rebellion. Psh! What about the billions of followers in the rebellion? Why can’t the narrator be one of them?! *hyperventilates* I’m okay.

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      1. See, now I read the blurb for that book and while it is exactly what we’re talking about… I honestly am not sure I’d find it interesting because it sounds more along the lines of ignoring the fascinating things going on. I dunno. Maybe it’s just my cup of tea or maybe I’ll read it once I have less-pressing books to read… :/

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