I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent #1) by Barry Lyga // Creeptastic


I don’t currently have my physical copy with me because I loaned it to a friend. I know super scary. I deserve a bravery metal!

4 stars

I Hunt Killers isn’t  my usual go to read, but Ashley @Dear World, Shelbie @Lulu’s Rants & Read and Yvo @It’s All About Books (but ESPECIALLY Ashley) ALL LOVE IT! So I was like, okay, okay, okay! What’s the big deal?! AND NOW I KNOW!!! This book is like the most twisted effed up thing I’ve read in a long time! (I don’t read murder mystery’s I’m not used to the dead body thing). Like, seriously I feel like if I ever feel the need to murder someone all I’m going to have to do is follow Jaspers instructions and I probably won’t be caught. This book paired with How To Get Away With Murder and I’m going to become the most uncatchable murderer. Not that I plan on being a murder any time soon – but hey you never know!! *Cue evil laugh*.

For those who don’t know, I Hunt Killer’s is about the son of the world’s worst serial murderer, who helps the cops find the new murderer in town. (Just read the synopsis on goodreads because that was pretty shocking).

4 things about this book I just bloody loved!! (Bloody… get it???  Hehe!! I am the height of humor!)

  • I could not tell you for the life of me if I actually like Jasper Dent, Jazz to his friends. You want to know why I can’t tell if I like Jasper??? Because he is the most murdery (not a word I know, I don’t care) ambiguous character I have ever come across. IS HE GOOD??? IS HE BAD???? Has he been brainwashed beyond repair??? Does he only want to help people because he needs to prove to himself that he isn’t evil??? See I HAVE NO CLUE?? AND IT’S SO UNCOMFORTABLE TO READ A CHARACTER A BE COMPLETELY OFF PUT BY HIS THOUGHTS!! Now If you reading this you may be thinking, but how is that a thing to like???? Because Lyga is such a fantastic writer that he’s invented this completely fucked character that you can’t help but be utter intrigued by!!
  • Jasper’s upbringing was so bloody creeptastic!!! LIKE EW. I was so put off by his flash backs to his childhood. On one hand I’m like THAT POOR BOY!! On the other hand I’m like kid you were 13!! WTF! You were old enough to call the cops! The utter brainwashing his dad did on him was THE WORST!!
  • I had NO FLIPPING CLUE WHO THE IMPRESSIONIST WAS!! Of course I made my guess but after I made it, it started to become obvious that that wasn’t the person, but for the life of me I Just Could Not Guess Who It WAS!! Like it came out of nowhere and then of course it made sense!
  • The ENDING! Bloody series always get me! I need to know what happens next! It isn’t fair to leave a book like that!

Overall, this book is thrilling! It has you flipping pages faster than you realise!! I’ll definitely be picking up the next one!

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