Ew, You’re So Cliche – The High School Stereotypes Book Tag


Thanks so much to Giovanna from bookcoma for tagging me to do The High School Stereotypes Book Tag! If you don’t already follow her you definitely should change that!!!

The Mean Girl

11988046 (1)

Stephanie from Pivot Point 

You notice it always seems to be the ex girlfriends who are written as the mean girls!!! What I like about Stephanie so much is that in Split Second, Addie and her are friends and you get to see how nice and friendly she is and she’s only a bitch when she’s insecure and unsure.

The Dumb Jock

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Henry from Trouble is a Friend of Mine

Henry is charming and so caring to his friends, but lets be honest, he’s a bit of a clueless jock.

The Bully

16101041 (1)

Astrid from Firecracker

Astrid is such a bitch. She kind of gets a kick out of being an asshole. (Trust me it’s hilarious)

The Bad Boy

24638201 (2)

Nicoli from Vedetta 

Nicoli is such a bad boy! He’s part of a mob family and just bad news – does that stop her. No.

The Girl With A Bad Reputation

13519397 (1)

Celaena from Throne of Glass 

I don’t think this is the kind of bad reputation that the tag is after but Celaena is a world renowned assassin. If that’s  not a bad rep I don’t know what is.

The Geek

8108200 (2)

Simon from Heist Society

Simon is such a geek. He’s the computer brain-wiz of their little heist society (ho ho). 

The Drama Geek

19547856 (2)

Simon from Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda 

SIMON IS SUCH A DRAMA GEEK AND IT IS SO CUTE! I love how proud he is!!!! Adorableness!

The Wannabe

17661416 (6)

Miles from Made You Up

I don’t mean this as a insult I love Miles! But if you’ve read this book you’ll understand what I mean when I say Miles really wants people to think he’s scarier and more elusive then he really is.

I tag everyone!!! YAY!


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