Split Second (Pivot Point #2) by Kasie West // I Liked It But I Didn’t LOVE It! (Except Conner – I LOVED Conner)


3.55 stars

When I read Pivot Point last month (the month before?? I don’t know!) I instantly feel in love with it! The premise of community of people with Paranormal abilities and one girl has the ability to “Search” her different pathways, interests me straight away!! I absolutely loved and so enjoyed reading the two different futures in alternating chapters and watching her life branch out in different directions, which is why I think I couldn’t enjoy Split Second as much.

Split Second isn’t formatted as two of Addie’s possible futures, but instead as Addie’s present after she has lived out the Search from the first book and had alternating chapters with her best friends Laila’s storyline. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t bad or uninteresting, it’s just wasn’t as interesting as the two futures.

You still don’t get much of an explanation about Paracommunity despite the fact that they were way more involved in this book. And I suppose now we never will! Damn!

I found Laila really great as a side character in Pivot Point but it took me some time to warm up to her as a main character in Spilt Second. I kept wanting to read her chapters faster, to get them over with and back to Addie’s chapters. About half way through the book though I start to realise I was really enjoying reading her! She is so cocky and strong willed but that just hides her gooey centre!!! (Nawww!) Addie was just as awesome in this book as the last. She’s a really great and entertaining protagonist. Plus she has some kick ass new abilities which were wicked fun!

Kasie West is a wizard when it comes to writing love interests! You’re a wizard, Kasie. More than anything going into this novel I was looking forward to TREVOR! If you read my Pivot Point review, you’d know I bloody swooned like you wouldn’t believe over Trevor! Like, dead. And I have to admit, while I got some swoon worthy moments between him and Addie there were significantly less then in Pivot Point (which was a little upsetting 😦 ). But do you want to know how West made up for it… INTRODUCING CONNER!!!

giphy (30)

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I lost my ever loving fangirl marbles for Conner. He’s brought into the story as Laila’s love interest and is a bit of a loner, illegal-goods-dealer, misunderstood bad boy. And SO PERFECT FOR LAILA! Their sass bounced off each other like a backboard! When they both finally opened up to each other I was practically jumping! (Practically. I definitely didn’t leave my nice toasty bed)

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this, maybe not as much as Pivot Point but I definitely did!! I really want to read some of West’s other novels just to see if they have just as great love interests! Cause like I said she’s a wizard in that area!

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  1. I’m glad that even though this didn’t make you feel giddy as the first one, you still managed to like it! I tried Kasie West several times, but I’ve concluded she is simply not for me 😦 I know so many love her though, that I know I’ll have to try her again in the future! Because Connor definitely sounds like LOVE!

    Faye at The Social Potato

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