Firewalker (The Worldwalker Trilogy #2) by Josephine Anegelini // Not What I Was Expecting


3.55 stars

Yes, the covers don’t match in the slightest. That’s whats going to be written on my tombstone – ‘Could never collect a book series with matching covers’ BUT it’s not really my fault this time the (stupid) publishers changed the covers!

*May contain spoilers from previous books in series*

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you may already know that Trail by Fire has been one of my favourite books of this year! Like I LOVED IT! And have been telling anyone who’d listen to go and read it right you peasant (but in a polite way, my mum taught me internet etiquette!). So it’s no secret that Firewalker has been one of my most anticipated books for 2015. I went into it with the highest expectation and unfortunately, although this was a great book in many ways, it feel way short of what I was expecting.

Half the reason I loved Trail by Fire so much was that I instantly feel in love with Rowan, he’s like almost the top of my 2015 book boyfriends list but I feel really unloving towards Rowan after Firewalker. It’s not even that he did anything bad (although if you’ve read the book you may know that he certainly does a fucked up thing), it’s more like I didn’t find him as loving and caring? I felt like he was way more selfish in Firewalker and I kind of hated it. Plus, he kept babying Lily, like treating her like a delicate breakable heirloom, which is really annoying to read. So I have a question is it okay for me to keep Rowan in my book boyfriend haram just because of my love for him in book one or does he need to have his membership card taken way???? I don’t know!!!

Another thing that disappointed me about Firewalker is that it felt really different from Trail by Fire. Like, the writing style felt less polished. The side characters (new ones introduced in Firewalker and old ones from TBF) felt underdeveloped even though I KNOW Josephine has the ability to write flipping AMAZING side characters (cause she did in TBF!!!!) And all the mixing of science and magic that added an extra level of interesting to TBF is almost completely absent in Firewalker. Same with the world building, I felt like it was pretty non-existent in Firewalker.12007134_526472610838184_475267121_n

Can it please be made a rule that all hardback books under their dust jackets need to have a cool book cover!!! Like isn’t that so much more appealing then just a black book!!!

Now that I’m done ranting, here are the amazing things about this book!!!

Josephine is so clever the way she makes you unsure which side of this war you want to win! I’m so, so, so glad we got so much backstory on Lilian in this book! It just explains so much and fills in so many blanks! I felt really compassionate towards Lilian and I’m not sure if I could say I thought of her as a villain anymore!! I love when the ‘villain’s’ reason for being doing bad things are explained and you start to view them in a totally different light! Which is also the reason I LOVED reading Carrick’s chapters! Now I’m less inclined to forgive and forget with Carrick after what he did to Lily at the end of TBF but I still feel like I understand him and his motives a lot better now!

Lily is turning into such a strong protagonist! I love when a protagonist has to go through tough emotional shit and make really hard choices!! (I know, kind of cruel of me to wish characters to go through hard times, but I do – sue me). Lily makes some tough choices in Firewalker, which majority of the time she doesn’t benefit from at all! But she does it for the good of the many and I really loved reading her doing it!

The ending of this book was phenomenal! Totally reminded me why I feel in book love with TBF! It’s action packed, emotional and kept you on the edge of your seat!! PLUS THAT CLIFF HANGER – SOMEONE KILL ME NOW AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!!

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