Reawakened (The Reawakened #1) by Colleen Houck


4.5 stars

So guys, I have a new book boyfriend! Welcome, Amon! Chaol get his jacket, Levi grab snacks, Tamlin gather the others we have an initiation meeting to hold. And the name of that meeting is called FANGIRLING!

People of the world, I LOVE AMON! Oh yes I do! But can you really blame me??? His the reincarnation of an Egyptian God, who sacrifices himself again and again every 1000 years for the good of all humanity! Like, seriously… You try not to fall in love with that! Throw in the fact that his actions towards Lily are always so sweet and loving, his magical ability and that he is EGYPTIAN and I was powerless! Just powerless! So Amon, welcome to the haram.

Leading on from that ALL THE FEELS this book contains because of Amon and Lily and my heart was melting into a pile of goo! OF GOO!! And to think that they weren’t even every technically together in this book! Their romance is such a beautiful and torturous slow burn and I loved every second! 

“Lily, I can honestly tell you I have never in my long life come across a creature as beguiling as you. You are as fresh and as lovely as a budding flower kissed by the dew of a golden morning. I breathe you in and am filled with the taste of sunshine, life and hope. You are much more than beautiful. You are … temptation personified”


Can I just say something: MAGIC, MUMMIES, CURSES & MYTHS! Like c’mon!! This book gave me the same feel of watching The Mummy for the first time. It’s truly action packed, and has you flipping the pages as fast as you can read! I loved all the Egyptian mythology in this book! I’ve read Greek mythology and some Norse but I’ve never read Egyptian and learning about all the Gods and demi-gods and stories and everything that comes with learning about myths was so fascinating. Majority of this book is set in Egypt and a good chunk of it in tombs, and the atmosphere Houck created was brilliant! It was spooky and realistic and loved it!

As for Lily, ahh… She’s the reason I couldn’t give this review the whole 5 stars I wanted to. Lily is a tad of a Mary Sue. She has lead a very fortunate life and then this amazing thing happened and although things are tough for a while eventuality everything pretty much ends up roses for Lily. Also, it annoyed me to no end, for the first part of the book, that Lily followed Amon every command! For a while there it was a bit like Amon: Jump; Lily: How high? – which let’s be honest we don’t want to read in a protagonist. Don’t get me wrong, by the end of the book I LOVED Lily, it just took a whiles to get there!

This next part is my opinion. Opinion! Please don’t throw rocks at me.

I have read some ranting (read: angry) reviews about this book and majority of that anger is directed at Lily and Houck for creating her. Some people are angry that Houck created a white, upper class character who helps any Egyptian character. I didn’t see the problem at all really, there are six main characters in this novel and Lily is the only white one. I’ve read reviews where people are saying Lily could have been Egyptian, but it wouldn’t have made much sense to the story if Lily was Egyptian, because then it could be assumed that she’d know somethings about Egypt, but her character is meant to be pretty clueless in that area. Plus she is meant to be the stereotypical Upper East Side, parents-little-angle, ivory-league-candidate, prima-donna-princess, which the first stereotype that pops into our head is a white girl (don’t lie, that’s the first stereotype that pops into everyone’s head). I just think to trash a book because you as a reader don’t agree with the race of a character, is a little extreme.



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