Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas


5 stars

*May contain spoilers from previous books in series – and when I say may I mean will**

Me after finishing Heir of Fire


Okay so goodreads need to have a 5+ star rating like, it doesn’t need to be a number but there just needs to be an option that’s states the obvious that this book deserves more than 5 stars! Today when I’m writing this it is the 28th of August, by the time this goes up Queen of Shadows will have already been released, and I will be avoiding reviews like the plague. Shipping says my order won’t arrive till the 12th but by the evening of the 12th (hopefully sooner) I will be DEMONALISHING THAT BOOK. I have not read the synopsis, I haven’t read any ARC reviews I will be going in blind and I cannot wait, especially after THAT ENDING!!!

Now onto Heir of Fire – the book I’m actually meant to be talking about (lol).

I can’t… I don’t… I just…

I want to spoil this book, I want to sit down right now and write like a 3000 word review just fangirling about all the awesomeness in this book, but because I’m a nice person I’m going to refrain. Trust me though, I really want to ruin it.

I can’t explain to you if you haven’t read this book how satisfying it is. Celaena finally finds inner peace and acceptance! (Does that count as a spoiler??? If it does, just know that that is my toned down to like 1% on my how much I want to spoil this book, scale). I loved Celaena forgiving herself!!!! Finally Boo!! You realize how amazing and strong and amazing (I said that twice, but I don’t care, cause its true) you are!!! Us reader have known this since page 1 book 1, and we’re all so glad you’ve finally realised it to!!! This was the second time I’ve read Heir of Fire, but for all the thing’s I’d forgotten it felt like the first time again *cue Foreigner’s Feels Like The First Time, in the back of everyone’s minds**. I was blown away, so completely by this book, I didn’t want it to end.

So many new characters where introduced in Heir of Fire and it was perfection. PER-FEC-TION!!  Every single one of them was developed and complex and AMAZING! I loved them all so flipping much!!!!!!!!! I BLOODY LOVE SARAH J. MAAS THE WOMEN IS A WIZARD!

  • Rowan – oh my mother fucking god – ROWAN! Okay I am team Chaol until the end of my days. Until I die I am team Chaol, but I can’t help it… I SHIP CELAENA AND ROWAN! I do!!! It feels like I’m cheating on my OTP but I can’t help it HE IS PERFECT – THEY ARE PERFECT. It doesn’t stop my fangirling brain that it’s mentioned plenty of times in the novel that they’re just the best of friends I WANT THEM TO BE MORE (and then I want her to go back to Chaol – so really I am condoning cheating). But come on To Whatever End, Blood Allegiance, Carranam. I’M ONLY ONE HUMAN!! HOW AM I MEANT TO BE ABLE SURVIVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT!!! WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO IF IT GOES NOWHERE??????????????????? **Lightbulb** I shall read fan fiction!!! HAHAHAHA I JUST PUT ROWAN AND CELAENA INTO GOOGLE AND THERE’S LIKE COUNTLESS FANFICTION! Oh there’s one set in a highschool!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!! But in all seriousness, with the way Heir of Fire finishes I’m pretty sure Rowan isn’t going to be in Queen of Shadows, WHICH WILL WRECK ME!
  • Manon – the best fucking witch in the history of forever! I loved Manon!!! LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDDD HER! After Celaena’s chapters Manon’s were my favourite to read. Again I can’t tell you much about her because of the stupid no spoil thing! (I call it stupid but if someone spoiled it for me I’d go Single White Female on their ass). Manon is an Iron Teeth witch and things happen! There!! No Spoilers. I will just say she and Abraxos are EVERYTHING! (That sounds like Abraxos, is her partner – He’s not). I think part of the reason I enjoyed Mamon so much was because she reminded me of Celaena a bit – they’re both products of their environment, both kick ass, leaders, the best at what they do, value loyalty and are unintentionally compassionate and understanding. AND THE BEST!!! I really, really loved all her chapters and I can’t wait for more of her in Queen of Shadows.
  • Aedion – perfect, rude, cocky Aedion! It’s actually the worst not being able to spoil!! I have no idea how to explain Aedion without giving so much away!! I’m not going to explain why his in the story, but Aedion’s mainly in the story whenever Chaol is, back in Rifthold, they’re doing kick ass stuff and generally being awesome. It’s amazing to read a character, outside of Celaena, who also grew up as the product of this war and done f’ed up things to survive, it’s very telling of what this war did to this land! I LOVED AEDION, I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS ONE AND ONLY DESIRE TO COME TRUE IN THE NEXT BOOK I’M ANTICPANTING ALL THE FEELS.
  • Sorscha – oh sweet amazing Sorcha! Wow feels galore! I don’t even know what to say. I hate the King. I want the King to choke on his own bullshit and die. Fuck him. Sorcha was so important to the development of this series, what she did and what happened are just another domino effect that’s going to help change everything.

Now just a little update on our Favs:

  • Dorian – YASSS MANN!!! You Work That Magic!!!! Dorian’s been practising his magic, he knows how to control it, he even knows how to summon it on will and do a couple of interesting things now. I loved him in this book – he really stepped up, stopped being just a prince and started being a future King and I WAS LOVING IT!!!
  • Chaol – My One True Love! I’m going to say something that may be surprising… Chaol had the least interesting chapters in this book. Don’t get me wrong they weren’t bad by any mean, but when you have this many characters all with such fantastic personalities and lives you (as the reader) start to make a pecking order of who’s chapters you like reading the best, and unfortunately Chaol’s were probably my least favourite. I loved him FINALLY deciding where his loyalty’s lay and his feelings about everything, but I can’t say I was always excited to realise Chaol’s chapter where next! DON’T GET ME WRONG HE IS STILL MY LOVE!

Just a couple of last things that need to be mentioned:

  • MAGIC that’s all I’m going to say. (*mocking little kid voice: cause I’m not allowed to spoil*)
  • Finally making headway with the King and rebellion!!!!!!!!
  • Aelin – Are we calling her Aelin now???????? I think it’s going to be interesting she has one name one place and another in the other!
  • THE CLIFF HANGER!!!!! I am straight up so happy I only have to wait a couple of week for Queen of Shadows, otherwise the wait would make me grey!
  • Manon’s Thirteen– Loved them all and can’t wait to learn more about them!!

Overall, the goal for this review was it to be spoiler free and short. Failed on both accounts! I LOVED this book! Everyone was perfect in this book. It was like everyone finally realised their awesome purpose and are now going to go out and get it! I am so looking forward to digging into Queen of Shadows, but at the same time I don’t want to read it to fast because I don’t want it to be over really fast and have to wait another 12 months!



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  1. This post. YAAASSSS CHAOLENA!!!!! And there’s shit tons of Rowan in the new book (I’m not getting mine till October & I love spoilering things but someone spoilers this book & they will be dead to me). This book was shit tons of awesome & I love Manon & Abraxos so much!! (Remind you of another DISNEY story??) Rowan my heart. Rowan my little puppystag. Lord help me I’m in love with him

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