Bout of Books 14 Wrap Up

Bout of Books

Bout of Books 14 has come to a close and if we’re going to be honest I was not all that successful! Poo 😦 What I did read I really, really loved though! So YAY! I didn’t participate in the daily challenges but I enjoyed reading everyone else’s! I loved the MASH challenge, some peoples results we’re so brilliant!!

Here are my daily updates:


I started Trouble is a Friend of Mine today, my TBR Jar Draw, I’m really enjoying it – it’s ridiculously unbelievable at times but it’s a lot of fun. I think I’m meant to really like Digby but to be honest I really don’t, maybe I’ll change my mind by the end of the book.

Pages read: 175


I finished Trouble is a Friend of Mine today, as I said above it’s absolutely ridiculous but so much fun!! I started Crown of Midnight – which I didn’t get that far into, hopefully I decent chunk of it tomorrow.

Pages read: 170 (total: 345)


I pulled a sickie from uni today – I know, Bad Amy! – but instead of reading all day, which lets be honest is like the best thing about having a day off, I mostly slept and watched Supernatural – I’m like up to the middle of season 2, (shits already getting crazy which is bonkers cause I know this show has like 62946 seasons. I can’t wait!!). I did however manage to read the first half of Crown of Midnight. I am absolutely loving rereading this book. There is so much stuff that happens that I’d forgotten!! I honestly don’t know if I like Crown of Midnight more then Throne of Glass but all the Celeane & Chaol is making me so, so happy!!!!

Pages read: 189 (total: 534)


I finished Crown of Midnight today – and I know for certain I love it more then Throne of Glass. Situations like this, is when you need more then 5 star ratings!!! It was amazballs! Ah-Maze-Balls!!!!

Pages read: 205 (total: 739)


I started and finished Finding Audrey today. I really liked it – it was a fun, fast read. Perfect for a readathon 🙂 Plus I watched more Supernatural. I love it – their angst is through the roof.

Pages read: 288 (total: 1,027)


So today I read a massive 0 pages!!!! NOTHING!! I’ve been spending the weekend at my parents house so I thought I’d have countless hours of nothing to be but read. Well I was wrong! I have done nothing but running around today and ARGH!! So alas no reading 😦 Tomorrow I shall be better!

Pages read: 0 (total: 1,027)


I read today! YAY! Not as much as I was aiming but still a decent start to Heir of Fire. I. Bloody. Love. Rowan. I am team Chaol to the end of my days but… I will admit that Rowan is pretty flipping awesome and a total amazballs second choice. Oh and Manon is so awesome, she’s like the witch version of Celaena. I can’t really remember how Heir of Fire ends so I have no idea if Manon is going to be evil?? Is she?? That’d suck.

Pages read: 210 (total: 1,237)

Read-A-Thon Stats:

  • Number of Books Read: 3
  • Number of Pages: 1,237
  • Favourite Book: ALL OF THEM! But probably Crown of Midnight because Celaena!
  • Least Favourite Book: I really enjoyed them all. None of them were bad!!
  • Favourite Challenge: I didn’t participate in the challenges but I loved reading peoples MASH challenges!
  • Would I Compete in this Read-A-Thon Again: YES! I had so much fun, I’d definitely do it again I loved  reading everyones’ posts on the Blogosphere. I will certainly be doing it again next time! I liked that it was low pressure!

About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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