Mini Reviews: The Day of the Tiffrids, & Atlantia

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The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

11120031_514751105343668_1698601629_n (2)3.55 stars

I found The Day of the Triffids so very interesting. I can see why this is a bit of a classic the idea behind the premise is so politically evil and so believable – especially for the 1950s when this book was published – that you find yourself entranced in this almost alternative history and how horrible it could have been.

The Day of the Triffids is basically follows a man named Bill Masen, which since he is recovering from an almost blinding, misses a once in a life time astrological phenomenon which almost the rest of the world’s population saw. Turns out everyone who laid eyes on this phenomenon wakes up the next morning blind, and Bill having missed it is one of the extremely limited number of people to still have their sight. The book then takes off from there, with Bill having to find out a way to stay alive. Weave in some man made carnivorous intelligent plants and you have a pretty griping sci-fi/dystopia novel.

First thing, I don’t care if triffids are evil, they also happen to be pretty flipping cool!!! Who would think to make an adversary in a novel a plant?? John Wyndham apparently. There’s a whole section of the book that kind of read like a triffid instruction manual and it was one of my favourite chapters in the book.

I never connected to either of the main characters – which as we all know makes for a terribly annoying read. I didn’t really like Bill, I found him pretty dull. I HATED all his negative outlooks on life – it was always so dreary!! I also didn’t connect with Josella, but I did like her better then Bill. Josella despite have been raised to act like a delicate breakable flower is really tough and smart. She doesn’t shy away from the horrors of the new world, and she doesn’t snub all the hard work the sighted have to do.

As I mentioned above this book has a lot of political context which would have been very interesting if not a bit off putting back when this was original published. Before the world fell apart the Soviet Union, and the Alias are having a war technology battle of sorts. Without giving the ending away, you find out what has happened to the world can be traced back to this posturing between the countries. I can imagine reading this in the early 1950s, being very, very scared of what could result of the Cold War which had started only a couple of years prior.

Atlantia by Ally Condie


Atlantia has an entirely unique and entertaining plot. A modern and new take on Atlantis that you could almost believe is possible.

I kind of felt indifferent to Rio, I can’t even explain why either. I just never really sparked with Rio. I liked how intelligent and resourceful she is, but she could be pretty oblivious and dramatic at times.

I LOVED all the government drama in this book. There are so many little gems of information that are left throughout the book, that really don’t make any sense until right at the end when everything’s tied up. I love a good corrupt government and Atlantia has that in spades

So within the first 20 pages or so, it is established that Rio is going to break out of Below and go Above. This premise builds in anticipation for like two thirds of this book but I found when Rio finally makes to Above that it felt like ALL the anticipation had been building up to nothing special. That I’d been holding my breath for something really awesome to happen and then nothing happened. I was really disappointed in the ending it felt like such a letdown.

I liked True, I thought he was super sweet and caring but I never really connected to their relationship, it felt more of a friendship sort of relationship then loving (at least to me). I felt like Condie felt obligated to give Rio a love interest even though the story doesn’t really need one.


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      1. You call 1980 old? I watched all original Star trek, first Dr who seasons an original Battlestar. These are old 🙂
        I have to admit though I must’ve miss Trifids. My first meeting with this story was through BBC Radio drama and it was quite well done.

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