Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

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4 stars

Can I please go back in time 8 months ago and shake and yell at myself to pick up this book? Instead of letting it sit on the shelf, like the idiot I am!!! I LOVED Tiger Lily! It was amazing and magical and heartbreaking and FLAILING!!

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I had no idea this book was narrated from Tinker Bell’s perspective which made it so, so interesting. I loved reading her emotions and thoughts on what was happening. She was by far my favourite character, maybe because we got to connect with her more than Tiger Lily or Peter Pan, but I definitely loved her the most, her spunk and unwavering loyalty and love of Tiger Lily and Peter was fantastic to read. Since the book is narrated by Tink who is a fairy (duh) who, you learn, can almost read minds, we are able to observe different angles of this book, from Tiger Lily, Peter and Smee. Which was great for getting the vibe of how everyone was feeling and thinking.

From having seen the Peter Pan movies I already knew and believed Neverland was a magic and surreal place, but reading about it is one millions times better. I loved discovering all its fantastic quirks as the book went on. I loved that it was both a wondrous and horrible place to be feared and awed. Anderson does a truly fantastic job of making the island come to life and by the end of the book I wanted to sail off into the corners of the Atlantic and find it!

I loved that Anderson tied in some history with the English coming in and bring their Gods and customs and forcing them on the local tribes. I thought this was really interesting but at the same time sad, to think that it happened to so many tribes in real like. That they so callously wiped out all they made the tribes unique and special to fit the mould the English designed.

Now onto Tiger Lily!!! Oh she is complex! I don’t know what I was expecting going into this novel but I can tell you I was not expecting Tiger Lily! That’s for sure! I am not going to say I loved Tiger Lily, but I will say I found her so, so intriguing. Tiger Lily is so tough, resilient and self-reliant, she is shroud in mystery – even too Tinker Bell who has followed her around her entire life. Tiger Lily has spent her entire life nurturing this pretense about herself that she needs nothing and no-one (with the exception of Tik Tok) – that she is an island, without bridges, tethered to nothing. So I found it kind of heartbreaking when you start to see that this air about herself that Tiger Lily has created is just a defense mechanism against giving others the power to affect her. I really, really liked Tiger Lily she’s complex and smart and independent and just great really. She’s just great!

Peter Pan on the other hand I have zero ideas about how I feel towards. Peter is both vulnerable and callus, shy and charismatic, caring and indifferent. I don’t know whether I liked him or if I thought he was a cruel jerk. I know with all certainty that I will never be able to think about him again without kind of loving and hating him at the same time.


This book took me by surprise with how heartbreaking it was, there was one part in particular, that if I’d been using my brain I would have realised was going to happen, that felt like someone had physically stabbed my heart. I knew it was going to go downhill rapidly from there but I couldn’t help mentally begging the book to end differently. I loved all the emotion, I loved the being shattered and then slowly put back together. The ending of the book was both destroying and uplifting and I loved it for that!

I loved this book, I’m glad I can say I’ve finally read it! If you haven’t I suggest that you do, it’s so surprisingly emotional and magical and just brilliant!!


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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