The Vanishing Girl (The Vanishing Girl #1) by Laura Thalassa

11846367_511371845681594_950227393_n3.55 stars

Ember has known she teleports every night in her sleep for 10 minutes, anywhere in the world, since she was 13, she did not however know why or how. Now eighteen years old, Ember has been told the truth, her parents desperate to get pregnant agreed to experimental research the government had set up free of charge, the only catch being that once the child is an adult they have to serve the government for two years. Ember comes to learn that she is not the only teleporter, in fact there are many, all designed by the government this way to undertake covert missions in the name of protecting their country. She also comes to learn the Prometheus Project are using, disposing and breeding teleporters; owning them as if they are dolls on a shelf – nothing more than property.

I liked Ember, I loved her compassion and her emotion. She is witty and inquisitive, asking questions about the Prometheus Project. She is very trusting and actually becomes pretty kickass towards the end of the book. I liked how she acted towards Caden as well.

I really liked reading the missions and Embers personal teleports. The missions were pretty spy like which was fun little suspenseful extras in the book and Ember’s teleports is where we go the most of our Adrian information. I really liked Adrian – he makes a way better first impression then Caden. I’ll be interested in seeing what roll he plays in the next book, I have a feeling a bit of a love triangle is going to pop up but I hope it gets done and over with quickly and doesn’t drag out.

When we are first introduced to Caden, I was rolling my eyes; another cocky, thinks-he’s-charming-but-totally-isn’t, awesome-at-everything, bad boy, and he totally is for the first third of the book, but then he starts to lose the pretence and just be open and caring towards Ember. Oh but I HATED that he wouldn’t stop calling her princess – I hate that!!! I also hated that he was so trusting of the government even though there was all this evidence against them. I never completely liked him but I loved how he acted towards Ember. I liked that Ember and Caden’s relationship was, for the most part, angst free – they told each other pretty early on they liked each other and then let it develop from there, simple and easy, no do-I don’t-I rubbish that’s always in YA because we all know it’s going to be do-I! That does not mean it wasn’t pretty much insta-love, cause it was (which as we all know is eye-roll inducing). I was pretty freaked out by the idea of Pairs – a fighting and love partner the government genetically engineered all teleporters – and whether or not that made their relationship real or created?? Would they even like each other is not for what the government did to them?

I read some reviews and know some people have a problem with the sexual content in this YA book, but I honestly didn’t even think anything of it. Ember and Caden are 18 and 19, have been genetically engineered to love, care for and protect each other, and the sex scenes (and what can potential from them, eg. BABIES) are an important element in the story of why the government created Pairs. The sex scenes aren’t explicated (or frequent, for that matter), they’re light and loving and really not a big enough reason to dislike the book.

There were things about this book however I found a bit lacking; I don’t think we got a good enough explanation about what the government actually did to them, some of the dialogue felt really kitschy and forced, I felt a decent chuck of the start-to-middle of this book was pretty pointless – not really adding anything to the story.

I really enjoyed the endings. It was one of those ending that keeps building up and the BAM we’re left with a cliff hanger and now I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I will be picking up The Decaying Empire ASAP! If the books follows the storyline and pace already set up for it, it has the potential to be a fantastic read!


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