End of Days (Penryn & The End of Days #3) by Susan Ee


4 stars

*May contain spoilers from previous books in series*

I went into this book with the highest of expectation and trust me it delivered on all but one of those. This was a pretty great series concluding book, I felt almost everything was tied up nice and satisfactory, I wasn’t left confused or disappointed (except one thing which I’ll get to below). I was pulled into the drama and the excitement, I was flipping pages faster then I realised and finished this book way faster then I intended – I had planned to dragged it out a bit, I wasn’t ready to say good bye to this awesome series yet. Penryn & The End of Days is the only angel series I’ve ever loved and Penryn is one of my favourite dystopia protagonist, she’s so flipping kick ass!

In the conclusion to this amazing series the many focus is on getting Raffe back his angel wings so he is able to run against Uriel in the election for Messenger and convince the Angels to leave the human realm.

“This is Penryn Young, Daughter of Man, Killer of Angels.”

HELL FUCKING YES IT IS!!!!!! Penryn is even more amazing in this novel! I honestly don’t think I could girl crush on her harder and then she does something like becomes the leader of the bloody Resistances and I’m like ‘she did it – she got even cooler!’ Penryn changes her attitude a bit in this book, instead of viewing the war as ever man, woman and child for themselves with Penryn  just trying to keep herself and her family alive, she starts to realise that all of humanity is connected, that everyone deserves to be protected and fought for because once humans start turning their backs on each other they’re no better than Angels. I really liked this change in viewpoint it showed just how selfless and courageous Penryn really is. All the things in this book Penryn goes through she deserves a statue made in her honour – preferably by the Watchers.

Since saving humanity means Raffe and the rest of the Angels need to leave, this results in some very emotional goodbyes the couple of times Raffe and Penryn think they’re saying goodbye for the last time – I was dying! It was like an emotion rollercoaster and all I wanted was for the rollercoaster to slowdown and let them to be happy together!!

All the things they needed to do in this book blew me away. The chapters in Hell where flipping awesome, I loved the parallels between the Hellion world and what was becoming of the Human realm. I was so glad we got to meet the Messengers, I wasn’t expecting it in the slightest but I’m happy it happened it like giving Raffe closure from that part of his life. THE EPIC ENDING!!!!!!!!!! I Loved It! I want to re-read this book just for that mind blowing ending. I knew this book would have an epic battle but still I wasn’t expecting it to be so amazing.

Paige and Penryn’s mum both get a great ending as well. Although Paige will never be normal again, it was great to see people accepting her and treating her as they should instead of a monster she had no choice in them creating. I absolutely loved that Penryn’s mum got mellower as the world got crazier. Like the messed up world made more sense to her then when the world was normal. I loved that Penryn and her family became sort of famous, no one was going to mess with any of them.

Now for the one thing I have to complain about and the only reason I can’t give this book 5 stars.

I was kind of disappointed about Penryn and Raffe. There were some awesome steamy moments between these two but it was always over shadowed by Raffe thinking him being with her is wrong. I feel like out of the three books, End of Days has the least amount of loving emotion. I wanted this book to be shatter-me, rip-my-heart-out, heart-grows-angel-wings-and-flies-away romantic. All I actually really wanted from this book – I didn’t even care if the angels took over the human world because I wanted was for Penryn and Raffe to be together for, if not most, then at least a big chunk of this book. And I totally thought it was going to happen to since Ee gives us some awesome steamy moments between these two right at the start of the book, but they kind of tapered out. Also the epilogue was not satisfactory, all it really needed was 10 more pages and it would have rounded it out better, giving me closure instead of leaving it the way it did. Now that I’ve said that I’ll finish by saying I will always ship Penryn and Raffe they are amazing, and they were awesome in this book as well. If this wasn’t the series ending book I would be jumping up and down about them because I’d know the next book would have Penryn and Raffe galore, but since it is the concluding book I’m left disappointed. I think these characters deserved a better ending.

Overall, I loved this book. I seriously did! Apart from being disappointed about the lack of romance between Penryn and Raffe, this book was perfect! Utter perfection – everything you could ever want in a dystopia series finale! I’m so upset the series is over, but I’m keen to read whatever else Susan Ee publishes! If you have never read this series, you are missing out!


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