Siege and Storm (The Grisha #2) by Leigh Bardugo



*May contain spoilers from previous books in series*

I went into Siege and Storm with very little memory of Shadow and Bone’s characters and plot. I know I probably should have reread Shadow and Bone but I lacked the motivation, plus I was reading Siege and Storm as part of my #TBRTakedown 2.0 and didn’t have time to read the first book in the series. As I read bits and pieces kept coming back to me so in the end it all worked out anyway.

I really, really loved the start of this book! I flew through the first 150 pages or so. I loved Mal and how attentive he is to Alina. I loved their banter which can only come from knowing someone your whole life. Nikolia is awesome! The second he entered the book I was totally entertained. I’m not sure if I trust him, he’s too willing to sacrifice anything to help Ravka, but I do believe his friendship with Alina is real.

I love the fantasy world of The Grisha novels, it’s so magical but at the same time has a feeling about it that it could be real. I love the idea of flying boats (awesome) and sea dragons (even awesomer). I still couldn’t keep all the Grisha and their powers straight (even though this the second book), I knew what some of them could do without checking but for the most part I had to check every time a Grisha power was mentioned. Plus I honestly do not know how to pronounce like any of the names of anything in this novel.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Alina in this book. I thought she made wrong decision after wrong decision, and I found it a bit tedious to read. I really loved however when she became leader of the Second Army, I thought that was her taking some good intuitive.

Although as I mentioned I loved the start of this book, I have to admit I found the second half a bit lacking. Apart from some certain exciting moments – I won’t spoil – I found myself kind of trudging through the last half of the book. Instead of feeling like reading this book was like a climb to the top of a hill and the amazing race down the other side where your flipping pages and speed reading as fast as you can, it kind of felt that the end of this book was a flat expanse you were powering through in the hopes there was an amazing falling coming up. (Did that analogy make any sense to anyone who isn’t me? Haha).

Overall, this book wasn’t the most spectacular sequel I’ve ever read, I really liked Mal and Nikolia but Alina didn’t really stand out to me. This sequel wasn’t able to get me all riled up to read the concluding book in the series, now I’m kind of going into it as more of an obligation to finish the series then because of anticipation and excitement.


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