Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West


4 stars

Me after finishing Pivot Point

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I brought this book back in February and I am kicking myself that I waited so long to read it!! It’s got me wondering actually what other gems I’ve got sitting on my TBR shelf. Maybe I should use this as incentive to stop buying new books and start reading the books I already own (Yeah right like that will happen). I loved Pivot Point, I loved the plot, characters, pace – I just loved it!!

Addie and the Para-community she comes from it pretty awesome, think X-men cross with Push (have you ever seen Push?? It’s amazing!!) but in a high school setting. The Para-community lived in a hidden town that to norms appears to be a mountain range. Everyone is born with a mental ability of some kind, there are Persuader, Erasers, Discerners, Telekinetic, Mood Controllers and many, many more. Addie has a very rare ability of a Divergent (yes, I agree West should have definitely gone with a different name), she has the ability to be able to Search her future to see how following a choice will end out. To Search her future only takes minutes, yet to her it’s as though she has already lived the experience, making her relive it again once she chooses which path to follow. It also means she has trouble remembering which memories of her past are experiences she actually lived through or if it was a Searched path she didn’t actual live. Once Addie’s parents tell her they are getting a divorce and her dad is going to move out of the Para-community to live as a Norm, Addie Searches who she’ll be happier living with which leads this book into two separate, yet intertwined storylines.

I love the idea behind alternating chapters showing two separate lives. I’ve been eager to read Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid because I’d heard it had alternating chapters of how one choice completely changes how the characters life could turns out, and I find this whole concept really imaginative and intriguing. I had no idea this concept was part of Pivot Point, so when it started it was a really welcome, exciting surprise. I’ll be curious to see if it is incorporated into Split Second, just because the way Pivot Point ended, I’m assuming it might not be.

At the start of the book, I honestly couldn’t decide who I liked better Duke or Trevor but the indecision was quickly squashed and I became team TREVOR FOR EVER!!


Trevor is sensitive and caring, he is so, so nice and lovely! He has an artist, cowboy who is trying to come to terms that his very promising football career has come to a close after an injury. He, and his friends are trying to work out who he is outside of football, where he fits into the new status quot. He is so open to Addie, he is sweetness overload and I was dying of love for him. Duke on the other hand, although is extremely charming and obviously has real feelings for Addie I just could never really like because I was comparing him to Trevor. I would actually get bummed out when Addie’s chapters being in the Norm world would end and the chapters of her life in the Para-community would begin because it meant I couldn’t read about Trevor.

I loved that West made the two futures so separate and unique from one another, yet at the same time there were certain elements that intertwined. It was sort of like, yes we have immanence sway over how our lives are going to play out, but there are still certain things that are outside of our control.

I love Pivot Point! I will be reading Split Second as soon as I get a copy! I’m so interested to see how Addie and Trevor go after that crazy ending. Kasie West is a great storyteller and I’ll be keen to see if I enjoy the rest of her published books just as much.



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  1. Parneet @ TheEnchantedBook

    I’ve heard about this book and I do have on my tbr, but now I just want to drop everything and pick it up (ok, maybe that was an exaggeration, but still!). Nice review! I’m soo pumped about it XD


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