Mini Reviews: Play, That Summer & Heist Society

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Below is three reviews of books I’ve recently read that I have either not liked or have left me feeling a bit meh. There full reviews are over on my Goodreads if you’re interested in checking out my full thoughts on these books.

Play (Stage Dive #2) by Kylie Scott

19095025 (1)1 stars

I picked up Play because I’d read Lick the week before and found it a fun, change of pace and I was interested in seeing if I enjoyed the rest of the series as much. I did not. Play is a copy-cat of Lick. Everything is the SAME!

The characters have different names but pretty much the exact same angst. Mal was kind of ADHD and his consent need to be “on” drove me up the wall, and Anne annoyed me – please stop mopping after guys! The plot is like 100% the same – there’s instalove on the guys side, they end up moving in together, she falls for him, they have a lot of sex, they momentarily break up, she pretty much goes bonkers, he shows back up, all is right again, he buys her a house, they move in together. I’m confused how the author and her publisher weren’t like ‘oh hey we actually cant right the same book again and just change the names’. Baffling, truly baffling.

I won’t be continuing on with the rest of the series I can sense that they’re all going to full this same unoriginal formula.

That Summer by Sarah Dessen


1 stars

Ahhhh, I am so nervous to say this but… *whispers* That Summer was pretty damn boring.

That Summer almost became my first DNF for the year, the only reasons I finished it was because I needed to complete is for BookTube-A-Thon. I found the writing long winded and maybe even a little tedious.

I could not connect to Haven, doesn’t matter how hard I tried. I wanted her to stand up for herself –  to stop letting her sister treat her like dirt, to make her father admit what he did was wrong, to tell her mum to stop using her as support. But did she????? No! I also wanted Haven to stop idolising Sumner.

Overall, I am not going to hold this book against all Sarah Dessen’s novels, I KNOW she is a fantastic story teller, I just think this one falls way short of her usually amazing standard. I also think this may have been her first published work so it makes sense that she’s grown and developed her writing with each new book. Also I feel like the blurb and front cover are very deceiving of what this book actually entails.

Heist Society (Heist Society #1) by Ally Carter


2.5 stars

Heist Society, I feel was a bit of a teenage mix between an Ocean’s Eleven movie and Monuments Men, two movies I really enjoy. Heist Society was a fun cleverly written book, however, unfortunately for me it came out a bit of an average read. I don’t really have any negatives to complain about it, but I was never super excited to be reading it.

I enjoyed the characters, their banter, comradely and histories, but I could never bring myself to view them as believable – since their lives are just so out there for teens who are only meant to be fifteen, sixteen.

Hale and Kat’s relationship is my favourite type of relationship, friendship into more. Nothing really remarkable happens in Heist Society between these two but it’s totally obvious something will happen eventually.

I like Heist Society, it didn’t wow me but it certainly didn’t leave me annoyed at anything. I won’t rule out reading the rest of the series, I want to read what other heists this family get up to, plus I want to see Kat and Hale’s relationship goes, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to read it.


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