Finding Sky (The Benedicts #1) by Joss Stirling


1 stars

**Do not read this review if you have a problem with high levels of sass, unrestrained rudeness and rambling rants**

I thought, going into this review, that I would politely state why reading this book would be a waste of time but then I was like – screw it, this book was horrible and I’m not going to water down how crap it was for the sack of being polite. This is probably going to be the most ranty review I have ever written – you have been warned.

I need to start off by asking how is it possible this book has a goodreads star average of 4.12?? Let’s just put this into perspective shall we; The Raven Boys has a goodreads star average of 4.02, Anna and the French Kiss has an average rating of 4.10, A Darker Shade of Magic has an average of 4.07, but this no plot, crap characters, horribly written, boring excuse for a book has a rating higher than them??!!!!!?? I honestly DO NOT UNDERSTAND??

All the suckiness of this one book in a neat numbered list:

  1. Sky – Or as she will from now on be referred, MBI (Miserable Boring Idiot), is the most annoying protagonist I think I have ever had the (not so) pleasure of reading from. MBI wallows in bad moods, doesn’t ask important questions, is a damsel in distress, and is content to live her life knowing almost nothing about her past. MBI honestly has very little personality, the only interesting parts of her personality (that are introduced early in the book) are forgotten about in all the writing flaws, leaving a boring, boy obsessed shell to read from.
  2. Zed – seriously?? This guy’s our love interest???? He is so absolutely rude at the start of the book to MBI. He is contemptuous and plain mean to her. The only reason this changes is because he find outs she’s his Soulfinder. He says at one point about not paying her any attention because she was just another girl until he found out she was more – nothing ever about believing he would have fallen fall her even if she wasn’t his soulfinder. RUDE AND MEAN! Then after finding out about the soulfinder thing Zed gets goes straight up stalker – caught sitting in the tree outside her window when she was sleeping at one part. Then once she comes around to the stalker (she’s truly an idiot) he is sooooo clingy and chauvinistic always trying to con her into he wants. I hated him – I truly did.
  3. The plot – was so predictable!! It’s reminds me of Twilight – which makes sense since this book was published in 2010 and probably started to be written when the huge Twlight hype happened, but seriously, we don’t need another Twilight – one was enough. Element that are the same are: she moves to a small town, a mysterious extremely hot family, girl mops over boy from said family, they get in a stalkery relationship, turns out family is magic, girl is used as leverage over boy and family by another magic family, family saves girl, girl and boy frolic off into the sunlight together.
  4. The writing – This book was full of forgotten storylines and shitty dialog. I loved at the start of the book how MBI would give people super hero alter egos in her head – they would have certain super powers based off they’re personality, but that just disappeared. Just stopped no explanation? I was also looking forward to they’re weekly band practise that were meant to happen every Friday, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN ONCE!!! All the male characters in this book, weather MBI knows them or not call her and her female friends baby, honey or sweetheart – EVERY CHARACTER! ALL THE TIME! and not one of them was ever like, ‘oh hey stranger I don’t know, actually my name is blah blah – nope they didn’t even mention it!! This is meant to be a YA book but if a 19 year old guy calls his 17 year old brother a Buthead in all seriousness as a insult I will automatically take away the YA status and replace it with middle grade. No one swore in Finding Sky, no they’d say bummer, buthead, bugger and then be reprimanded from their parents for using such bad language??! Sorry I didn’t realise I was reading a children’s story? I felt that no character had an individual voice, they all melded together – all the females were boring and dull, all the males controlling and chauvinistic, no character was very personalised.
  5. The shit romance – clingy, dependent, unhealthy, insta-love, unnecessarily overdramatic.

So I actually thought that rant would make me feel better – that it’d be cathartic to release all my hate over this book, but really I’m left still annoyed at this book. It was really so bad! And there are tons of people out there who apparently thought it was worth 4+ stars?????? Do not waste your time reading this book.


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