Month in Review: July 2015

month in review


July is over! This year is half over! It honesty feels like it just began!!!!!!!! I am not a fan of this time speeding up thing – it’s giving my existential/life crisis over here!

July may have been my most successful (read: crazy) reading month ever! In the space of 31 days I have some how managed to read a massive 14 (FOURTEEN) books!!! Don’t ask me how, I honestly have no idea. I’ve been on holidays for the last month (until last tuesday at least) and works being shitty and cut down on my shifts, so apart from the occasional shift and socializing with friends and family all I pretty sure did this month was read. I know that’s going to slow up considerably now that uni’s back. I also have tons of reviews lined up to post, as you can see in my side bar, but as my reading slows because of uni that massive amount of reviews I need to post will dwindle down to a more manageable number I’m sure.

11787290_508964222589023_627956805_n (1)

Books I’ve read this month:

17563396 (3)22718710 (3)17878931 (5)17849112 (3)17661416 (4)25203939 (2)23403402 (4)18243700 (2) 9849587 (4)1876165413262783 (2) 8108200 1198804618525661 (1)

Goodreads reading challenge progress: 46/52 (88%) Looks like I’m just about to pass my year goal!

Pages read: 4,748 this month | 15,897 this year

Favourite book of the month: I read a lot of great books this month! My favourite would be Made You Up hands down, it was incredible! I bloody loved World After, Red Queen, The Assassin’s Blade and Every Day. I also really enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic and Pivot Point. Loving 7/14 books in a month isn’t bad odds!

Any disappointing books: By far the worst book I read this month was Finding Sky – DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME READING IT! I was kind of disappointed by No Life But This since I loved the first UniCorp book so much I was expecting more from that book. Heist Society kind of left me feeling nothing, which is maybe worse then my hatred of Finding Sky.

Other posts this month: 

Books I’ve added to my TBR: Before I even check I know the number is going to be huge. I’ve been adding so many books lately. Okay I’ve added…. 130 books to my TBR. So like a year and a half of intense reading! It’s alright I’m going to find the elixir for eternal life.

Progress on my 2015 Reading GoalsUsually I have to say I’ve done absolutely nothing towards my reading goals, but this month may be different!! I’ve started rereading The Throne of Glass series! I’ve read Finding Sky and Heist Society (books which have been sitting in my TBR for years). I’m counting Lick as a book towards my 10 books in genre’s I’d usually avoid – becuase I never usually read New Adult (and I’m getting desperate to cross things off the reading goal lol)

Movies I saw:

download (7) Magic_Mike_XXL_movie_poster Ant-Man-Marvel-Movie-Poster-3-Flying-Ant-Mount Jurassic-World-Movie-Poster-3-Chris-Pratt-Raptors

  • Trainwreck was so funny!! It honestly was hilarious!
  • Magic Mike XXL – Mmmhmm! 
  • Ant-Man wasn’t the best Marvel movie but I still really enjoyed it! Ant-Man is still the dumbest idea for a superhero!
  • Jurassic World was epic! THAT ENDING!

Updates on my life:

I went and saw Jarryd James early this month – he was amazing, a voice that makes you melt! Ah I die! I also brought Mumford and Sons Tickets for November (maybe) which I’m already excited for. I sucked it up and got over my teenage angst and asked dad if he wanted to come as well – Mumford and Sons is one of his favourite bands.

As I mentioned above uni went back on Tuesday and already I can tell this semesters going to be so, so, hard! I’ve written down the due dates of my assignments and it honestly goes assignment after assignment from week 7 onwards. I’m going to attempt to get a head start on my assignments this semester instead of leaving them to like a couple of days before they’re due. I think my reading with drop pretty dramatically probably down to the usual 6-7 books per month, I might actually stop having so many reviews lined up to post, and just be going book by book, instead of being like 6 books in front of the latest book review posted on the blog.

I hope everyone had a great month!!!



About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

13 Responses

  1. What a great collection of books read! I really want to read Red Queen, A Darker Shade of Magic, Love Fortunes and Other Disasters and Every Day, I’m glad you enjoyed the majority of those! I’m sorry to see you disliked Finding Sky, apparently it’s really good and I’ve been meaning to check it out. 🙂 I definitely agree with you on Made You Up, it was simply fantastic! ❤ Anyway, great reading month, you got through a lot of books! 😀 Way to go!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fourteen books is amazing! 🙂
    I loved Red Queen and Made You Up SO MUCH! I have a few others of these on my TBR as well.
    I’m not a Marvel fan, but Ant-Man looks so good and I want to see it.
    I still haven’t had the chance to see Jurassic World, which is insane! 😦 I’m sure it’ll be out of theaters before I do, sadly.
    Awesome month!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can relate to your reading rate SO much, as I myself got through 15 books in July, but I don’t even feel I was reading all the time! Anyhoo, it looks like you had a great bunch of reads; I’m still eager to try Made You Up and I’ve long been wanting to read a book in the Throne of Glass series. Awesome post – I hope you have a terrific August! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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