#TBRTakedown 2.0 Wrap Up and BookTube-A-Thon Sign Up Post

Can I just start by saying I ACTUALLY DID IT!!!!! 5 books in one week! I deserve a trophy – of an owl wearing glasses and reading a book, preferably! I’m actually so happy I managed to do this I was not expecting it at all. As I explained in my original #TBRTakedown 2.0 post #TBRTakedown was hosted by Shannon from the YouTube channel Leaning Lights. To be honest I accidentally – I swear it was an accident – cheated a bit… I started reading my takedown books on the 24th when we weren’t meant to start until the 25th but I would swear I heard Shannon say the 24th!!

The Awesome books I read this week!

You can see which book goes with which challenge in my original post.

The first book I tackled was my out-of-my-comfort-zone book, Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott. I started with Lick because I figured chances were I wouldn’t finish 5 books in a week and if I didn’t read Lick first I would probably leave it till last and alas never read it. But that would have been a horrible mistake because I ended up really enjoying this book! It wasn’t something I would usually find enjoyable but it was a great change of pace and I’m pleasantly surprised by it.

The second book I started and didn’t put down until I finished was Every Day (Every Day #1) by David Levithan which is blow my mind amazing!! If everyone in the world thought the same way as A we’d have world peace! This book is so ingeniously unique. If you haven’t read it you should definitely try to get to it!

The third book I tackled was Heist Society (Heist Society #1) by Ally Cater which turned out to be a bit of a meh book to me. It was fun to read but I never really got excited for it.

The forth book I read was Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West. This was my first ever Kasie West novel and OHMYGOD it was awesome!! I loved it! I’m kind of annoyed at myself for leaving it on my shelf for so long! I’ll be getting the sequel as soon as possible!

And the fifth and final book I read to complete all the challenges for #TBRTakedown 2.0 was Siege and Storm (The Grisha #2) by Leigh Bardugo. I’m not 100% sure how I felt about this one? I really enjoyed the beginning, but found myself kind of drifting through the rest of the book with the occasional spike of being really entertained. I’m still glad I read it though, and do plan to get to Ruin and Rising just maybe not straight away.

Read-A-Thon Stats:

  • Number of Books Read: 5/5
  • Number of Pages: 1,687
  • Favourite Book: Every Day (Every Day #1) by David Levithan
  • Least Favourite Book: Heist Society (Heist Society #1) by Ally Carter
  • Favourite Challenge: A book outside my comfort zone
  • Would I Compete in this Read-A-Thon Again: YES! I had so much fun, I’d definitely do it again!



BookTube-A-Thon is hosted by Ariel of the offical BookTubeAThon YouTube channel. I know I literally just finished one readathon but I had so much fun, and I’ve been hearing heaps about BookTube-A-Thon and wanted to do it as well! BookTubeAThon runs from August 3rd to the 9th (I promise I’m going to abide by the rules and not [accidentally] cheat this time!!). The goal of BookTube-A-Thon is to read 7 books in a week. SEVEN BOOKS! I barely finished the 5 from #TBRTakedown! I don’t honestly see myself getting through 7 but I’m still going to try. A book a day?? Who knows maybe I’ll actually do it! I probably wont do anything else but, go to uni, work, read and occasionally sleep that week but I’ll definitely try to do it!


The challenges, the books I chose and the order I’ll be reading them are:

1. Finish A Book Without Letting It Go


That Summer by Sarah Dessen 

I have Mondays off Uni so I figured since I’m not suppose to let the book go I better read said book on a day I don’t have to leave the house! I chose That Summer because it was the shortest book on my book case that I either haven’t read or haven’t read in ages (my paperback version only being like 230 pages or something) because again I didn’t want to be caring around a huge book all day! I also haven’t read anything by Sarah Dessen in YEARS so it’ll be fun to reread it!

2. Read Someone Else’s Favourite Book


The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham 

With this challenge I could have gone super easy – asked one of my sisters whats their favourite book (which would have been 100% something I’ve previously read and I’ve forced them to read). But instead I chose to challenge myself and ask my father what his favourite book is. (I could have asked mum but she’d most likely say something by Wilbur Smith and my heart would stop of boredom 4 pages into the book and I’d die – no hyperbole). I’m reading this book second because I doubt I’ll get through 7 books in a week, and I know if I left it’ll to last I’d probably never read it and I’d never know why my dad calls it his favourite. This isn’t dad’s copy of The Day of the Triffids (he had an ugly cover copy – I wanted the pretty cover haha)

3. A Book I Really Want To Read


Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

I have wanted to read this book for AGES and it just keeps getting pushed back in the load of other books on my TBR pile! I choose to read my book I really want to read 3rd because I’ll probably (hopefully) fly threw it!

4. A Book Who’s Author Shares The Same Last Name Initial With Me


Atlantia by Ally Condie 

I think logically 4 books will be my limit for this challenge (I hope I’m wrong though) and so since my last 3 books are books I plan to read soon anyways I figured I better make Atlantia my fourth read for the week, to make sure I get to it. Atlantia has been on my shelf since the start of the year and I still haven’t got to it, good thing BookTube-A-Thon is forcing me!!! P.S The cover is all ruined because that’s what happens when you let your sister borrow your books!!

5A Book With Blue On The Cover


Paperweight by Meg Haston

I plan to read Paperweight soon anyway even if I don’t get to it in BookTubeAThon week. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book.

6. The Last Book You Acquired 


Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella 

Another book I plan to read soon even if I don’t get to it in BookTubeAThon week. This was the last book I brought last month (I mean technically now that I’ve brought The Day of the Triffids I suppose that’s the last book I acquired – but lets not get technical!!).

7. Read Seven Books


Say What You Will by Commie McGovern 

If by some miracle I read SEVEN! books BookTubeAThon week (which I wouldn’t bet on) I’ve chosen my seventh book to be one I also plan to read anyways!

I loved #TBRTakedown so much, I liked reading books that fit in with a challenge, it was a fun change and I’m going to extend that fun into BookTube-A-Thon. I’m excited to read The Day of the Triffids, that book is so far outside my comfort zone you need a telescope to see it from my comfort zone (it’s way more outside my comfort zone then Lick – the book I choose for outside my comfort zone challenge in #TBRTakedown), and I’m eager to see how I like it. [P.S. Yes I realise I said outside my comfort zone 4 times in one sentence – 5 now – just ignore it cause it’s late when I’m writing this post and I can’t be bothered rewording it. If it bothers you can turn it into a drinking game – take a shot every time I repeat myself, you’ll end up smashed, haha 🙂 ]. Can you also actually believe all the books I’ve chosen for BookTube-A-Thon are standalones?? I don’t think I’ve read this many standalones one after another ever before! I’m excited to read/watch everyone’s BookTube-A-Thon posts/videos I hope everyone has a fun time reading!!!


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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