World After (Penryn & the End of Days #2) by Susan Ee

11758877_502081376610641_1173476631_n4.5 stars

*May contain spoilers from previous books in the series*

Me after finishing World After

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I didn’t think it could get much better after Angelfall but it did! And God it was amazing! I am so glad I can just go buy End of Days because if I had to wait a whole year I would HAVE DIED!

I am so glad for Susan Ee, she is a goddess. Every single sentence she write builds up and has you flipping pages faster than you even realise. She is responsible for constructing this fantastic plot and these amazing characters. THANK YOU!!

World After picks up right where Angelfall left off which made getting into this book seamless as all I had to do was read the last page of Angelfall and go straight to the first page of World After. This book fills a lot of blanks about what the angels are doing and why they’re doing it that I had from the first book. We also learn what happened to Paige (heartbreaking btw) and how and why the scorpion things are being created. I feel like not a whole lot happened in World After (the book only spans a couple of days) but even saying that I could not stop turning the page. I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

I honestly did not think I could like Penryn anymore and then BAM she learns to sword fight! Which may sound a bit lame and inconsequential but wait till you read how kick ass she becomes with it! I’m glad that it doesn’t matter what horrible things Penryn goes through she manages to stay true to herself – emotional, vulnerable yet strong and always willing to do anything to protect the people she loves.

As quite a number of sequels go the  love interest isn’t in a good chunk of the start of this book. Usually when I read a sequel (I swear it’s always the sequel never the third book or fourth or any other that this happens in!) that the love interest isn’t in it for a while I do the thing when you get really impatient and are only reading the book fast to get to the part when he comes back into it but with World After I honestly did not even realise Raffe wasn’t there. Penryn is such an amazing character with amazing presence I didn’t care that I wasn’t reading any romantic scenes. But when he comes back I was still like


Because that meant I got back there amazing chemistry and banter. These two are so hilarious together, they’re both such strong independent characters that they get a bit of a reprieve when they have each other to lean on that makes them light hearted even in dire situations. I so, so, so, so, (times 50 billion) just want these two to get over their dumb rules and be together!!!!

Overall, believe it or not the sequel was better than the original, I have the highest standards and hope for Days of End I truly hope I’m not disappointed but I doubt I will be Susan Ee is amazing and doesn’t know how to do any wrong!


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