A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas

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5 stars

Can I just start by saying I am generally upset with myself for reading this book so fast, because now it’s over and I won’t be able to get anymore until next MAY!

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It is really no surprise to me that I LOVED this book. Sarah J. Mass is an amazing story teller – from what she’s previously shown us with her talents I already knew she’s consistently astounding. I didn’t actually know too much about this book before I started it, I’d been avoiding reviews on it and apart from reading the blurb a whiles ago I hadn’t really looked at it again. I was more or less going in blind and I am so glad I did. Going in blind meant I had no idea it was a play on Beauty and the Beast until I worked it out or that it was going to be a Faerie book it made all these little things just that much more exciting.

Now here goes an extensive list of why A Court of Thorns and Roses deserves like 40 stars

  1. Firstly it is very rare that I actually like a Fae book, but I was totally swept up into the world of feairies and Fae in this book – it was magical and amazing.
  2. Ties in with #1 – The world building is fantastic! Absolutely faultless. At the start of the book there is a map of Prythian, and it’s neighbouring countries, and clearly shows how Prythian is broken up into seven different realms, and the mortal lands. Having this visual cue of the country helped me at any time I was confused about how far things were from each other or the layout (not that I was confused at all cause Mass is an amazing writer). Plus who doesn’t love when the book gives you a map! It feels so magical. Ever new environment was described so well I had clear magical images in my head of what it looked like. Mass makes Prythian more realistic by giving it a history, a creation story, and politics. I 100% believe that the base of an amazing fantasy world is the world building and Mass delivered 10milliion percent!

ICarly Reading

  1. The Characters. Can I just say there wasn’t one character in ACOTAR that wasn’t fantastically put together. I honestly loved every character doesn’t matter how minor.
  • Feyre – starts out this book as a very hard, biter, self-conscious girl and blooms into one kick ass, compassionate, confident fighter. There are many times in this book that I got very upset at how self-hating Feyre could be whether it was about her looks, her talents, her family or her illiteracy, she was very down on herself and it was quiet upsetting to read. When she took action into her own hands to try and overcome some of these issues I was weirdly proud of her! Her budding relationship with Tamlin helped her as well and it made me love him even more. Feyre has a passion for art and I loved to read as she would look at something and think about how she could recreate it on paper. Feyre becomes a very empowering character. I personally love her – she is amazing.
  • Tamlin – ***NEW BOOK BOYFRIEND ALERT*** Tamlin is a lot like Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) at the start of this book. He is quiet, socially awkward and uncomfortable expressing his thoughts and feelings to Feyre, but once they start to get to know each other he truly becomes a prince charming (or should I say High Fae Lord). He’s protective, passionate, loving, charming, caring (I could list amazing adjectives all day). He proves his love to Feyre through his actions again and again through this book. He is amazing.

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  • Feyre’s family – I think out of anyone in this book, apart from Feyre, her family go through the biggest personality change. At the start of the book Feyre’s Dad and her older sisters, Nesta and Elian, are ungrateful, distant and selfish, but by the end of the book they’ve redeemed themselves in individual ways. It really is very lovely to read a book where someone recognises their bad actions and makes changes to become a better a person.
  • Lucien – is amazing, he is the sarcastic support beam to both Feyre and Tamlin throughout this book. He had a pretty messed up past but he has worked to overcome it and make a worthwhile life for himself.
  • Rsysand – I honestly think Rsysand may be the most misunderstood character in the whole book. He is truly cruel and evil at times but he seems to have good intentions. I loved every scene he was in and am so looking forward to reading more about him in the coming books.
  • Amrantha – Omg I loved her! She is so evil and twisted. She’s one of those characters you just love to hate – you hate them with every fibre of your being but their just so entertaining to read!
  • Plus many more
  1. I love how this book is a realistic New Adult book. Things like sex, grief and guilt are approached in a way someone of Feyre’s age would, not like a 15-16 year old would react. I particularly like that Mass wrote Feyre as someone who has had positive realistic sexual experiences. She didn’t have crazy romantic roses-and-hearts feelings towards sex, she viewed it as a fun release, which I found nicely refreshing in this genre.
  2. Feyre and Tamlin’s love. Please.


They are perfect! Their romance truly is a fairytale romance! Beauty and The Beast is one of my favourite Disney movies and I swear this book reflects that amazing romance flawlessly. There are particular parts in this book when Feyre and Tamlin aren’t doing anything special expect just spending time together and I swear I wanted to crawl into the book and live as a fly on the wall to their amazing love. Although it wasn’t discussed in detail the concept of a mating bond was brought up in ACOTAR and I think that in the coming books Feyre and Tamlin are going to develop one. So YAY!

  1. The last 150 pages or so

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So I thought I was loving this book and then THAT ENDING! I loved it! I would have read a full novel length books just about that ending! And then after I was already loving the ending it JUST GOT BETTER!

This book is 100% honest amazing! This has quickly become one of my favourite books ever! Sarah J. Mass is by far my favourite author – she is an incredibale writer and I honestly don’t think I will ever not like on of her books. If you haven’t read ACOTAR yet GO DO IT RIGHT NOW!! This book lives up to the hype!


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