Sparks Rise (The Darkest Minds #2.5) by Alexandra Bracken

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4 stars

Spark’s Rise is a novella in The Darkest Minds series. It gives readers a quick look into how the life of Sam – Ruby’s best friend from Thurmond (the rehabilitation camp) – has been going since Ruby left the camp. It also gives readers an insight into the life of a Red, Lucas, who they have tried to brainwash.

As usual with a Darkest Minds book Bracken gives us a glimpse of hope and then rips it away in her heartless cruel way. Really it’s a pure talent to be so cruel.

Sam and Lucas’s romance is so sweet, even though they’re both late teens and their feelings are very mature, the way they express these feelings is very similar to how young kids dance around having a crush on their friend. Which is where their romances stems from, them being best friends as children.

Reading about Lucas and how he has managed to bluff his way through the brainwashing the government put all Reds through is great insight into this key element in the series. Reader’s of the series already know what they put the Reds through was cruel but I didn’t know it was this horrible. Literally breaking down any piece of humanity they have left until all they are is a shell.

Life in Thurmond hasn’t improved at all (not that we were really expecting to have), in fact things are getting progressively worse – the camp it’s self is falling apart and the PSF are worse than ever (some sickeningly bad). Sam’s life hasn’t changed since Ruby left she’s still stuck in that horrible place just trying to survive. Since the camp is falling apart, they are starting the processes of shipping children out of there into other camps. I have a theory that in In The Afterlight Ruby and her gang are going to use these moving the children convoys to break the children out!

I believe Sparks Rise is going to tie into In The Afterlight because Sam and Lucas are going to become key characters who play a big role in saving all the Psi’s.

I am just crossing my fingers that Bracken has given everyone happily ever after’s in the last book of the series. I will be shattered if she throws in another curve ball and ruins someone’s life.




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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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