Month in Review: March 2015

month in review


Books I’ve read this month:

6316125 (1)2193698820737639 (1)1805213616150830 (1)975481511235712 (2)1807980424638201 (1)77660701586383221457243 (1)

Holy shit 12 books in month!! Did I even go outside this month??

giphy (18)

Goodreads Reading Challenge progress: 26/52 (50%). 52 was such a low goal. At this rate I’ll make it by July at the latest.

Pages Read: 4008 this month. 9067 this year.

Favourite book of the month: Probably Never Fade (The Darkest Minds #2) by Alexandra Bracken. Bracken Just blew my ever loving mind!! But I also loved Anna and the French Kiss, Cinder, A Long, Long Sleep, Angelfall and Vision in Silver. As if the new Others book wasn’t going to make that that list. I want to live in that world!

An disappointing books? Pretty much ever other book was disappointing. I was seriously looking forward to The Sin Eater’s Daughter but that ended up being a let down. I’d heard great things about Half Bad but ended up really, really not enjoying it. Same with Vendetta. And seriously I can’t even get into a conversation about Shifter it was so bad.

Books I’ve added to my TBR this month: I really don’t think I’ve added that many new books this month, I was good this month. Okay I added…. 40 books. That is so good for me!! It’s because I’ve been avoiding Waiting on Wednesdays and Friday Finds. I deserve a clap on the back!!

Any progress on your 2015 reading goalsUmm lets not talk about it. I’ve pretty much forgotten about the goals but I suppose I did read two sci-fi-ish books this month so that should count towards reading books outside my comfort zone!

Other blog things:

I have joined a colab blog which you can read about here, it’s called The Bookish People and my posts go up on a Tuesday so I think you should all go check it out!!

Other then that I’ve been trying to post ever week day. It’s actually not that hard to organise it all as lately I’ve had a book review or two lined up to post. Let’s not lie 97% of the reason is that I like to see the month widget on my side bar looking all neat and full. No shame.

Updates on my life:

WE FINALLY FINISHED MOVING!! Yay moving over!! Me and my sister battled it out for the master bedroom with the walk in and en suite – I won!!! Do you want to here how I won?? I said I needed the extra space for my bookshelves!!!! HAHA! Reading wins again!!

Other then that I’ve been at school a month now and if you read my Month in Review last month when I had just started for the semester it’s pretty obvious I thought I was going to hate school (again). But Nope! Miss Positivity has taken over my body for the time being and she – although still hates early morning and the train to school – is happy to be at school. Beats being at work at least.

Easter week off is at the end of this week so yay a week of doing nothing!!!

Until next time 🙂 🙂


About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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