Vendetta (Blood for Blood #1) by Catherin Doyle

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When I heard that this book was about a mob family with five boys, the flailing fangirl in me stood up to attention. The idea of a family full of so many boys reminded me of Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowen Boys (do you guys remember that? I used to love that book) so I got a bit excited. I usually like young adult mob type books as well so I was pretty sure I was just going to love this book hands down. I guess I was a bit over excited. Although there were small parts I liked along the way I really didn’t start to truly enjoy the book until the last 3rd. I found Vendetta to be overly dramatic, the boys obnoxious and all the secrets infuriating.

I going to start off on like one of the things that actually makes this book readable, and that is Sophie. Now Sophie like the rest of the book does have some serious flaws like she ignores all the warning to stay away from the Falcones but she doesn’t because she’s drawn to them. Yes I know I was like ‘please stop’.

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But those lacking traits are over powered by the fact that in the second half of the novel she totally tells them all where to shove it! She smartens up and starts to ignore the boys, she realises what dicks they are and how much she can’t have that energy in her life. Once she notices how violent Nic can be when he’s ‘protecting her’ she is RIGHTFULLY frightened and doesn’t want anything to do with him. I was really happy with the character Sophie ends up being by the end of the book.

I guess because it’s a mob book and the mob is extremely serious about themselves the drama had to match that intensity, it just drove me up the wall. This book is full of gun toting men in suits whose first reaction is violence. It really is over the top. I had to roll my eyes at some points. AND ALL THE SECRETS! Omg I just… No. This book is one big mystery that you really didn’t sign up to read. I swear, every ten pages someone would say a version of ‘I can’t tell you’ to Sophie. I was like 10 million percent done with the secrets.

All the boys I were anxiously excited to read about were all obnoxious and arrogant. I guess I was kind of expecting awesome personalities like Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Boys – all completely unique but still cohesive and awesome – but no, the Falcone brothers are the kind of boys anybody would want nothing to do with. The two least important brothers, are brain dead morons, one is mysterious and the other two compete for who’s the worst possible love interest in the world. Nic is the guy Sophie can’t help but need to be around!


But I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to find Nic charming, or even nice and I completely don’t understand how anyone is meant to think he’s awesome boyfriend material! Nic is VIOLENT! Omg I just didn’t get how Sophie could stand to breath the same air as him. He blindly follows orders (mob type orders so you can imagine what that entails), he actually believes the horrible, terrible, deplorable things he does are actually good. Like seriously boy, you have been brain washed and I really don’t want Sophie anywhere near you.

Now Luca… Luca isn’t technically a love interest but the weird intensity between them I’m sure will lead to more in the coming books. Luca is actually better than Nic so I hope if she has to end up with any of these assholes it will be him. Luca never leads Sophie to believe his anything more then what he is, he actually goes out of his way to try and make her see that she should really avoid his family, to the best she can. He is violent at times but nowhere near the rabid rage that Nic gets into. Don’t get me wrong he does speak to her like she’s trash but apparently in the world Doyle’s created that is supposed to be attractive.

Now I didn’t hate this book I actually LOVED the ending, I was on the hypothetical edge of my seat the whole time. Sophie was so strong in dealing with everything and practically finding out a whole life time of secrets all at once. You do start to see a different side of the boys, I actually found myself happy with Nic at some points (I know I was shocked to), and Luca scores some serious brownie points. I am interested in seeing where this series goes, I will be reading the sequel when it’s released I just hope some of the characters personalities have had huge changes.


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