In Time (The Darkest Minds #1.5) by Alexandra Bracken


4 stars

I promised myself after finishing The Darkest Minds I was not going to blindly trust Bracken because she likes to throw curve balls and totally shock and devastate her readers. But I forgot this promise to myself. I naively thought she wouldn’t do anything overly dramatic in 100 page. I was wrong.

I went in to In Time expecting it to be about the introduction of a new character who was going to be important in the coming books and maybe get an update on how Zu is. And for the most part that’s what it’s about. We read from the perspective of Gabe a young adult (25) who hasn’t been personally affected by the IAAN, the disease that either killed or changed everyone under 14 into Psi, however he has been affected by the economic crash. Desperate to make some money and to have some sort of purpose in his life Gabe starts off to become a Skip Chaser. That is how he meets Zu.

Even though I am always on the kids’ side in The Darkest Minds’ world, it’s hard not to understand and sympathise with Gabe. He was an older teenager when the disease broke out, he never got a chance to go to college and because he had operations on his legs he wasn’t able to join the Psi officers, meaning really in this new world he had no chance of earning any money. So when the chance arises to earn $10 000 per ‘thing’ he brings in he takes it. He blames the ‘things’ for the reason America has gone to shit and believes if they were all locked up them the government could finally get back to re-establishing his country.

Gabe is a high insecure guy. Zu would help him by making food and he would internally beat himself up about it, thinking she was mocking him as unable to look after the two of them. It was very interesting to read.

I love that we got to see that not all adults in this new time are frightened of the kids and that some are willing to protect them. We get a quick glimpse into the type of awesome humans Liam’s parents. That had me

giphy (16)

THAT ENDING. Why Bracken? WHY? I honestly think you get a kick out of it. It was horrible. I’m scared to read the rest of the series, what if this is the precedent – emotionally ruining me at the end of every book!! I won’t soon forgive you for this. I’m really interested in finding out how Zu is dealing with it all – if she’ll draw back into herself or if she’ll continue breaking out of her shell.

Overall, I really, really, really loved this novella! I was expecting something easy, light and fluffy and I was so, so, so wrong! It’s going to be so interesting reading how this story ties into Never Fade.


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