Frostbite (The Dragonian Series #3) by Adrienne Woods

20737639 (1)3.55 stars

May contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.

Oh how I have (im)patiently waited for this amazing book!! (Okay I didn’t have to wait long at all, but still). With Thunderlight ending with Lucien being killed and Elena turning into a dragon I was dangling from that cliff hanger. Frostbite I wouldn’t say is the best in the series but it sure resolves a lot of my theories.

The Amazingness:

  • Blake and Elena. Oh how I just want you to be together for an entire book without one of you messing it up!!! I don’t want to spoil anything about these two, but I’ll just say that we have been right all along. If only those two realised it when we did, which was literally the second we read the first time they saw each other in Firebolt. Pretty much the first half of this book is all Blake and Elena getting to know and falling for each other.


  • Bringing in Cara was I have to admit pretty confusing to start off with but I loved Elena being a dragon! (That sentence probably makes no sense unless you’re read the book). Cara was like Elena backbone when she needed it. When we find out the whole story about Cara I was really shocked. I was confused how it was all possible but I just did not see that being the solution.
  • The Ending. The way it ended just explained so much! I always had an idea that Elena and the Queen and King were linked and I’m so happy I was right!
  • *I’m not sure if this is going to count as a spoiler, so if you want nothing ruined don’t read this* The book isn’t completely Lucien-less. I love, love, love that Lucien is still in this book in small ways. It’s like Woods was giving Elena and readers closure after such a sudden death. I also liked how Elena was kind of embraced into Lucien’s family even after his death.

The Not-So-Amazing:

  • Elena had very fickle feelings. I found it kind of annoying to read about Elena’s feelings. One point she can barely stand Blake, then she in love with him, then she hates him, then wants him dead, then wants to save him, then feels lonely without him. I found her feelings hard to follow when they would change so rapidly. I understand that the changing of the feelings is meant to be a reflection of the dark growing in Elena but at times I felt it was over dramatic.


  • There is never any processing when something happens to Elena. I noticed while reading this book that a lot of the time when something happens Elena maybe shocked for a paragraph but then she’s completely over it and acts like this has always been normal. Elena never goes through any sort of processing where she gets used to the new thing, which kind of frustrating to read.

I honestly don’t want the next book to be the last in the series! I read that Woods plans to make other books (not part of the Dragonian series) still part of the Paegeia world which sounds better than nothing but I don’t want to say goodbye to Elena and everyone else in her world. On the other hand I can’t wait for the next book to be released! Elena and Blake better be together from start to finish in the last book, none of this only together for a bit at the end business that sometimes occurs in fantasy series.

Arghh I can’t wait!!


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