Month in Review: February 2015

month in review


Books I’ve read this month:

10194157 (1)10576365 (2)1917491720958632 (2)18476697 (3)22087268 (1)17563080 (2)

Goodreads reading challenge progress: 14/52 (27%) This is 6 books ahead of scheduled. Maybe setting my challenge for 52 wasn’t actually much of a challenge :/

Pages read: 2708

Favourite book of the month: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini. These two books are so different from each other yet I loved both of them so bloody badly!!! I feel so happy they’ve joined my brain! I know a lot of people have read Fangirl but not that many people have read Trail by Fire which is a HUGE shame!! Everyone should go read it straight away!

Any disappointing books? Every book I read this month was great. Some more so then others but, no, none of them were bad. So YAY!!! Good reading month!

Books I’ve added to my tbr this month: So I tried my hardest not to add to many books to my TBR this month as I actually want to make it through them all at some stage in my life so this month I added……. 71 books. Dammit! I thought for sure I only added like 30 haha!

Any progress on your 2015 reading goalsI read Murder of Crows this month which means I can cross off re-reading the first two books in The Others series before the third, Vision in Silver, is released. Vision in Silver comes out in a couple of days!!!! OHMYGOD!! I can’t wait!

Other Blog things: So at the start of this month I was like, hey I’m going to start doing discussion posts this month… I only ended up writing one. Way to stick with in Amy!



Also this month I’ve started doing Monday Book Draws, which is were I draw a book title out of a jar which I then have to read. This was such a fun idea when I was on holidays but now that I’ve started back at uni I think I’m going to cut it back to every second Monday, otherwise I’m never going to read anything else.

Updates about my life:

Arghhhh I started back at uni.



As I think I have previously mentioned I have a dedication level minus 40 for uni. I don’t want to drop out yet I don’t want to go. I’ve only been back for this last week and I’ve already skipped 5 out of my 8 classes. Soooo…. That’s were I’m at. I’ve promised myself I’m going to turn it around and start to show some enthusiasm, I guess when I check in again next month we’ll find out how good I’ve gone.

It was my birthday on the 22nd. !!! For four days I was either, drunk, asleep or hungover. It was like half for my birthday half for a last binge before we’re all unable to go drinking on a Thursday before Uni started back. (Which by the way I can still do because the world is against me and the only Friday class I have is at 6pm!!!!!! WHO THE HELL HAVE I PISSED OFF TO DESERVE THIS!) Of course for my birthday I got a couple of bookshop vouchers!!! YAY! I’m ridiculously easy to please, just give me something book related and I’m one happy chappy!

For like the last 10 day or so, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump, I’ve been on the book I’m currently reading The Shifter (The Healing Wars #1) by Janice Hardy for 8 WHOLE DAYS! That’s like the equivalent of a mathematician taking an hour to work out what 4 squared equals. It’s not that I’m not enjoying the book I’m just always finding something else to do instead of reading. Again I blame this on uni. Damn you school!

My sister scored free tickets to Angus and Julia Stone and we went with a couple of friends on Friday night. We were feeling super guilty though, we don’t dislike their music but we’ve never really been into it, and in this sold out show the 4 of us have AMAZING seats (3rd row) and we are like barely fans while their true fans are up in the nose bleeds screaming.

We shall see next month, whether I’ve manage to turn my disdain for school around. Hopefully!





About Amy

I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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  1. I have some of the books you read on my TBR list and hoping to finally get around to them soon. I add way too many books to my list every day, ugh. I feel like it’ls never-ending. I’ve been off and on deciding if I want to read Fangirl. Everyone seems to love it and when I read the description of the book, it didn’t really seem that interesting to me. I’m curious though, because so many people have loved it so much.

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