Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

So I love romance books – if a book doesn’t have a romance in it I probably wont be to interested in reading it. There many things I love and many things that annoy me when it comes to romance novels, here are a few 🙂


1. Characters that feel real. I love a romance when I can imagine the to characters are just average joes and not like multi billionaires. Like, I can imagine walking past the characters on the street and I wouldn’t even notice them they’re so normal.

2. A really cute romance. I love a romance novel were I can’t help but fall in love with there love. I love when there relationship has me all swoony.

3. A book with a male lead that I end up wanting to add to my book boyfriend list. I love when I read a male lead where I’m like can’t they just make you in real life!!!! I will immedently  add them to the ever growing mental book boyfriend list.

4. Paranormal love. Like a werewolf finding his mate. I know it’s trashy but I can’t help it, if I read a good romance were a werewolf mates with the protagonist I melt into a pool of swoon. Same with vampires, and ghost, and goblins and  elves – really anything.

5. Long building romances. I love a romance when the romance takes a while to build up. Like, maybe the characters start off as friends and that’s it but over time they realise maybe there could be more. This is my favourite kind of romance.


1. Authors who’s books are extremely similar to each other. I’m not saying I don’t like these authors, every now and then I might be craving a alpha male and a kickass chick and I’ll read a Kristen Ashley book. Or I might be craving a heart wrenching southern romance and I’ll read a Nicholas Sparks. Or I might want to read about a broken female and the guy who’s love saves her and I’ll read Samantha Young. I like these books in moderation but when that’s the main theme in everyone of their novels I find myself not interested in reading their books. I don’t like knowing how a book will end before I start reading it.

2. Cheating. I hate it. When I have to read a book where the protagonists patner cheats I end up wanting to scream ‘WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH THIS ASSHOLE. And I read a book where the protagonist cheats I hate them instantly and will not feel any connection to them and we all know you can’t enjoy a book when you cant connect to the protagonist.

3. Characters can be very predictable. This is not the truth with every character but a lot of main protagonists in romance novels are written from like a template. I always feel that some authors just go with what appeals to the largest audience: big, muscled, controlling, successful, larger then life, alpha male characters and kind, misunderstood, caring, troubled, beautiful female leads. I rarely like when characters are written like this because I  have read characters like it a hundred times before and by this point it’s unimaginative and to be honest boring.

4. Love at first sight. I will instantly feel a relationship is unauthentic if the characters meet and then find themselves in very deep feelings within a small amount of time. I have read high school based novels where the protagonist meets the guy and they’ll be dating and claiming they’re in love by the end of the week. It’s highly annoying to read and is usually a marker for me that this book is most likely not going to appeal to me.

5. Way to much sex. I don’t mind a good sex scene but when that book has a new sex scene every chapter, I get over it so quickly there’s only so many ways you can say “He blows my mind”.


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I'm an 20 year old uni student who majors in procrastinating. It's wonderful really - many a great read was read because of it.

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