Trial by Fire (The Worldwalker Trilogy #1) by Josephine Angelini

22087268 (1)5 starsI didn’t completely understand the premise of this novel before I started reading it. I didn’t know too much about what to expect and so I wasn’t expecting much. But Oh My God this book is incredible!! I literally don’t even want to start a new book because I don’t want to let this book go! I’m gobsmacked at how amazing this book turned out to be!!

5 Things That Explain The Amazingness Of Trial By Fire:

  1.  Lily. I loved Lily!! My favourite books are the books were I can 100% say the main character is someone I’d want to be friends with. Lily is smart and courageous and she’s not afraid to be herself. Ahh I want to be Lily!

Lily is pretty much allergic to the world, her coming into contact with most everyday things will set off an anaphylactic reaction. She always carries with her quick-dissolve steroid pills, inhalers and Epipens, yet she has accepted the fact that she probably won’t live to see collage. Her family and her best friend / crush Tristin try there hardest to keep her in safe environments. When one horribly embarrassing incident occurs in front of her classmates and, Tristin and her, have a massive fight Lily wishes to disappear. And she does. To an alternative Salem, where a version of everyone she knows (including herself) live. Lily isn’t weak or sick in this alternative Salem, she is a crucible, powerful magic wielders and she has agreed to help the Outlanders take down the worst crucible of them all Lillian – the Lily of this world. DAH DAH DUM!!!

giphy (9)

It took me a little whiles to wrap my head around what a crucible is but it’s best explained by this little extract:


“But what’s a crucible? I know what a crucible is in my world – it’s a container that’s used to heat things up. Are you calling me a crucible because my body run hot and I heat things up?”

“You don’t just heat up substances,” Tristin said. “You change them inside your body.”

“And what do I change them into?” Lily asked.

“All different kinds of energies and forces,” Rowen replied. “You can also take outside heat, which is a form of energy, and turn it into force.” He gestured to the fire.

“My ankle,” Lily said. She remembered the fingers of the fire and how she was able to manipulate the blood, tissue and bone on the smallest level – right down to the cells. It was impossible. “I turned the heat from the brew you made me drink into a force that rebuilt me ankle?”

“Along with the calcium and other elements was gave you in the brew,” Tristin amended, “You can change things – chemicals into energy, and energy into force – but you can’t create matter or energy out of nothing, which is why we gave you the brew.” He smiled at her.  (pg. 109)

Do you get it? Her body is like a magic vessel, which can turn energy sources and chemicals into force. And by force we mean kick ass magic!! Oh and crucibles are only female.

Another thing I admire about Lily is that she has her beliefs and she stands by them. There is a whole class system in this other Salem where witches and crucibles rule above everyone else, Lily is totally against this; she refuses to ever treat anyone like a puppet for her to control or to look down on anyone. Lily is also a vegan and despite the fact that eating meat would be 100% easier not to mention less life threatening at times she refuses to ever eat an animal, risking her life at times. There are other things Lily is passionate about such as stopping the use of Nuclear power and destroying the environment. These things about Lily help shape this character to be strong willed and brave and awesome as hell to read from.

2. Alternative universe. I love the idea of billions and billions of alternative universes each created once one person makes a choice.

“The universes branch out, sort of like a giant tree. Every choice we make – every fork in the road where we have to decide to go left or right – is actually two new universes bubbling up and being born. In one universe, we go left; in the other universe, we go right,” he said with a soothing voice. “And so it is with every choice we make.” (pg. 297)

Once I read this all I could imagine was the thought that what if somewhere in our past our world made a choice and that why we don’t have magic??

In this alternative universe, people Lily knows from her normal exist, yet they are very different. Our-world-Tristin is Lily’s best friend / crush but he is a dick at times, while Other-world-Tristin is a sweetheart, who is shy and authentic. Juliet, Lily’s older sister is about the same in both worlds, caring, shy and always willing to do anything to help Lily. Lillian, the Other-world-Lily and Lily are total opposites. Lillian is like the worst version of Lily she is selfish, cold, heartless and a murderer. I couldn’t help feeling for Lillian though, she had her reasons for doing what she does. Even though what she does is horrible she was standing up for what she believes is right a character trait she shares with Lily.



  1. The science. Now I no diddly-squat about science and I have no idea if what is mentioned in Trial by Fire is accurate but it sure sounded accurate. The way Angelini built this world with magic and science side by side is incredible. Science is what explains away Lily’s allergies it’s not that she’s allergic to anything it’s that the chemicals blah, bot and bom in a food need to be processed in her crucible body correctly or she’ll start feeling unwell. It seriously impressed me how Angelini would explain something magical using elements and chemicals and it sounded so factual that I wasn’t sure if it was fact or fiction.
  2. The romance. You know how sometimes you like, I could really do with some heart palpitation inducing romance right now?? Well Trial by Fire delivers. I have a crush on Rowen. Can I have one????? Apparently there’s billions of Rowen’s running around the universes you can spare just one!!! Pretty Pretty Pleeeeeease??


Rowen was originally Lillian’s mechanic, which is like a crucibles carer, as well as a magic wielder and protector, they were in love, but once Lillian went nuttso Rowen couldn’t stand by her anymore and he left her and became a rebel. When Lily is transported into their universe Rowen originally thinks it’s Lillian manipulating them and him but once he realises Lily isn’t Lillian he finds himself falling for her and her for him. There is so much tension in this book between the two of them and it had me being like OHMYGOD JUST BE TOGETHER on more than one occasion.  There are also some steamy bits in Trial by Fire, one time in particular had me like,



Lily and Rowen are amazing together and I can’t wait to read more.

5. THAT CLIFF HANGER. I half hate you Angelini, half think you’re an evil genius! Oh my god that cliff hanger is a cruel joke!!! You can’t leave me in suspense like that I’ll have a heart attack! Ahhhh!!!! All the waiting! September!! That is so far away!

I seriously loved this book. You know when you finish a book you absolutely loved for the first time and your like, ‘I don’t want to start a new book and leave it behind!’ Like you want to reread it and then read the rest of the series straight away? That’s how I feel about Trial by Fire. Trial of Tears is due for release September 1st and trust me I will be reading that book by September 2nd (that’s if I can’t get my hands on an ARC which trust me I’m going to try sooo hard!!)




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  1. I literally LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! (I’m so glad you did too!) And Rowan is my top book boyfriend right now…I loved that the romance was such a slow burn (and I think I know what scene your talking about…and that GIF is TOTALLY appropriate!) I’m right there with you…getting an ARC for this title is my number one priority!

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